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Created: 23 Oct 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
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I have backup jobs that run overnight. Gradually everyday they take longer and longer. Before it gets a serious issue I would like to resolve this. Any ideas as to why it keeps taking long and longer?

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First thing to do is check your byte count. If it is increasing, then no hassles as it is data change that is causing this.

If there is no size change, then check the following:

1. Restart the media server...sometimes fixes issues.

2. Check and see if there are any patches still outstanding, and then install them via LiveUpdate. Once done, push-install to any remote servers you might have.

3. Check and see if any AV on the server isn't perhaps scanning or blocking the BE services. If so, put in exclusions for them.

4. Make sure your backups don't run on servers with maintenance tasks during the times of these tasks.


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restarted the media server and checked all the above and nothing showed up. Now today the same backup is still running with a job rate of 85 MB/min compared to an average of 534 MB/min. What is going on?

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You never mentioned anything about an AV...have you checked this to see if it isn't perhaps scanning the BE services if there is 1 present?

If you are running the backup to tape, try running the same backup to disk to see if you get the same results and post back here.


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