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BE 12.5 Question

Created: 04 Oct 2012 | 6 comments

Is there a way to see what time a job actually starts backing up information. I have a job that is scheduled to run at 530pm everyday and I notice that every day it takes longer and longer to complete. I was at the office late yesterday and noticed that around 545 the job was in the queued state. The job used to take on average around 13 hours to complete, now it is up to 20 hours. The byte counts are all consistent so i am thinking the job isnt actually running for hours after it is scheduled to run. Anyone have any ideas?

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Look in the Job Log - Expand All and check when does it start backing up the first resource in sequence.

Also check the Alerts tabe to see if there are any pending media related alerts generated which causes the job to not start on scheduled time.

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is this job backing up to tape or disk?  If it is to disk check for fragmentation.  Repeated use of a B2D location can cause fragmentation and the need for the volume to have regularly scheduled defragmentation performed.

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Hi ZGoggins

If you are looking for the exact time when did the jobs is starting after the scheduled time

 Open the JOB LOG  and get in to the JOB HISTORY tab .

 Expand the SET INFORMATION in the log 

 This set information would have the exact time when the backup set started getting backed up and when it   was completed  and it even includes when it was completed

Try to check with the previous job logs where the job got completed in 13 hours and compare with the recent logs

So that you can narrow down the issue and try to fix it accordingly

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So I have noticed that this job ran in a completely different order than every other one of these same jobs. It also failed at the end with a communications failure has occured.

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Hi ZGoggins

Do try checking with the error code and search in the symantec support site which could give you an idea what exactly is causing the communications to fail

I believe that this would be the error code you would be getting in the job log  V-79-57344-65305

Just google it. you would get hints according to your environment to work on

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The job may have become corrupt so see if recreating the job helps.