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BE 12.5 Service-specific error 536928979 (0x2000E2D3)

Created: 17 Dec 2012 • Updated: 25 Dec 2012 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


I would like to ask about my problem above. I'm unable to start the BE Device & Media Service as it's giving me the said error. I've tried doing the solutions mentioned in the KB

until Solution 3 in which clicking OK give me an error:

A connection was successfully established with the server, but then an error occurred during the login process. (provider: Shared Memory Provider, error: 0 - No process is on the other end of the pipe.) (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 233)

Currently downloading WinServer 2003 SP2 to reinstall the service pack mentioned on Solution 4.

I've also tried doing a connectivity test for SQL as mentioned here:

But get an error when selecting the database on Step 5.b.

[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen(SECDoClientHandshake()).]SSL security error.

Logon failed. Catalog information could not be retrieved.

Has anyone faced this kind of error before? Would really love any ideas that could shed light on this and probably resolve the issue. Thanks.

This is happening on the backup server, if I may add. Don't want to do a full install again (as what my senior did before) just to fix the problem as much as possible.

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Try this...From X:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec, open BEUtility.exe

Highlight All Media Servers & choose your server in the right pane...Right-click & choose change database access...enter the account which is used for the Backup Exec services & choose grant access...

Alternatively, if you change the backup exec services to use a local system account, do the services start ?

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Hi VJware, 

I have tried changing the service account to Local System with the same error. And BEUtility is unable to grant access to the database for the domain account that we've been using before. 

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In addition, tried doing a repair install just to see if it would work. But during the installation phase, I was getting "can't establish a connection" error for 3x. 

The dbrecover.log has this status:

Error connecting to master database: hr = 0x80004005
Execute command failed: 0x80004005
OS ERROR: 0x80004005 (-2147467259)


Intially, it had a BAD_LINKAGE message.

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Currently looking at a possible SQL access denial since I'm getting a 0x80004005 error code which, as what other people are saying from other threads here, is an Access Denied error on the SQL instance.

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Got the problem fixed yesterday. As previously mentioned, it was with the access permission of the account being used by BE to the SQL database.
I'll try to go on the process that I did.
I tried the steps mentioned in this KB article: which basically helped in giving me a good grasp of what to do. 
Doing Solution 3 on that gave me an error, though, as mentioned in my first post. I tried the UDL test procedure and that also gave me an error (mentioned also in my first post). 
I tried to recreate the mdf and ldf files from the bak files afterwards with a new Data folder in the BE installation directory. I've also tried reinstalling Server 2003 SP2 but to no success (as suggested in Solution 4). Solution 5 was not an option since I didn't have the SQL Server installer available. 
I fiddled with the cliconfig.exe settings. Named pipes, tcp/ip, multiprotocol and ipx/spx were all initially disabled to had them enabled. Also changed the alias from TCP/IP to named pipes and pointed it to the SQL instance, \\servername\MSSQL$BKUPEXEC\sql\query. This most likely gave me some progress with the UDL test as I was able to list the database names and connect to BEDB. 
I then went to the SQL Server Surface Area Config and tried to add the role to the current account that was being used and it gave me an error. I played with the Surface Area Config for Services and Connections but with the same error. I then went to the SQL Server Config Manager and changed the Aliases from the SQL Native Client Config from TCP to Named Pipes. This basically got me to give admin role to the account. HOwever, trying to start the services still gave me errors, but now, its 0xe00008144. This gave me a new problem to deal with as looking into the logs says the the database does not exist. I would like to note that I was using both the account that we've been using and Local System Account and multiple server restarts to try to get the services started during the whole troubleshooting.
As a long shot, I downloaded SQL Server 2005 SP4 and installed it. This probably gave me the resolution to a lot of the access problems as it made me able to do a repair install of BE 12.5, which I was unable to do in the first place (SQL DB access error). 
After the SP4 install and BE repair, I restarted the server and changed the Aliases back from Named Pipes to TCP and tried restarting the services. Device and Media service started ok and then I tried starting up the others. One final restart and check indicated that all services were running.
Not sure as to what happened with the access permission and how SP4 fixed it but it works. BE is now running smoothly.