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BE 12.5 Verify

Created: 15 Nov 2012 | 4 comments

What is BE do when it verifies? I have a backup job that is starting to fail in the verify stage. Does this mean the backup is backing up data?

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The Verify stage of a job checks to make sure that the data backed up on the tape/disk can be read or restored from the media.  If this part of the job fails check out this link for ways to resolve this issue.

ZGoggins's picture

So the data is still getting backed up it just may not be able to be restored properly?

Hywel Mallett's picture

Getting backed up as in the data is being written to the media. If the verify is failing, because the backup cannot be read and seen to be consistent, then you have to question if that actually counts as your data being backed up!

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The data that was backed up may have not been able to write properly because of a dirty tape or corrupt B2D file and so isnt able to be restored. 

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