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BE 2010 and EV (Centera)

Created: 22 Sep 2010 • Updated: 13 Sep 2013 | 3 comments
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Howdy, (Cross posted as advised from EV forum)

I attended a presentation from one of our vendors and I overhead them talking about a new feature in BE2010 (It might have been related to netbackup.)  and from what I think they said, it will allow:

"To backup EV including data from our EMC (Centera) storage device) "

The reason why I ask is we use Centera to store EV items and our Centera is out of space which we currently replicate to offsite Centera.  A short term solution as we investigate long term storage (running out of space surprised us but was due to 800GB PST migration so just didn't see it coming) is that we are moving the offsite storage to onsite and extended the partition. I.e not replicated anymore.

This will leave us open (if we have a fire, building burns down etc..) to data loss.

So perhaps there is something in BE2010 or netbackup that will allow us to incrementially backup our Centera?

Can anyone shed some light on what we maybe able to do with BE and Centera's?


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Here i found an article about full, Incremental and differential backup of Enterprise Vault.

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Hi there,

The first thing to check out is whether or not BE or NBU support EMC Centera hardware. The answer for BE is no.

As for NBU, the answer is DOES support the Centeras. NBU 6.5 supports Centeras using CBRM 2.0.2 and CBRM 2.0.4 via NDMP.

What I would suggest doing is downloading the NBU HCL and the NBU SCL, as well as the Admin Guide to double-check, and then consider opening a forum query on how NBU integrates with the Centeras in the BetBackup forum. Someone there should be able to help you.

The linkslink below should have all the documents you would need:

The forum can be found below:

NetBackup can obviously do Incremental/Differential backups, although it does it slightly differently to the way that BE does it.

If this has helped, can you mark it off as the solution? Good luck with NBU + your Centeras...

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Note If the Centerra is a Back-end Storage device for a Celerra (which I belive it can be) then BE has some capability via the Celerra and the NDMP option - however identiifying EV resources via RAWS where some of the EV resources are would be backed up over NDMP and some via RAWS  is not something that I am aware BE can manage.

NetBackup might be able to meet your requirements - but you woudl need ot post in the netbackup forum to get feedback on that.