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BE 2010 - AutoLoader PV124T keeps going offline

Created: 11 Jun 2014 | 3 comments

We are using BE 2010 and Dell autoloader for our backups but recently the autoloader keeps going offline right before the backup would complete. We have contacted Dell and after running test/ looking at logs for the autoloader they state the equipment is good and up to date. I have attached a copy of the adamm.log file so hope it helps.

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In Windows System Event Logs are you getting any 5,7,9,11, or 15 errors?   Make sure all your firmware is up to date and check the tapes you are using to make sure they aren't faulty.


also ensure Symantec drivers are installed.  and see here to make sure the latest drivers and updates are installed

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I do see error id 11 which when i checked the backup it went offline less than 6 minutes later. We used the wizard to update and we tried both new tapes as well as used tapes with same results.

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When the autoloader goes offline from BE console does it also disappears from Win Device Manager?

As per ADAMM you are using BE2010R1 I would suggest you to upgrade to BE2010 R3 with latest

updates.Install Micorsoft drivers for the autoloader so that it appears as an Unknown Medium Changer

in the Windows Device Manager. After installing latest updates for BE run tapeinst.exe to update

Tape Drive with Symantec drivers.