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BE 2010 B2D on 2K8 64bit server stuck in Queued mode forever

Created: 09 Dec 2010 | 10 comments

I've installed BE 2010 R2 on a 208 server X64 and when I run Backup to disk, the Job status hangs in Queued mode.  I've deleted all the media , created a new media set and deleted and added all new devices. On the remote server the status on the client is backup in progress.  I've check to make sure the backup account is in both the local and AD admin and backup groups.  I've tried backing up a single file, the whole folder and the complete resource and the same results.  When I try to cancel the job, it hangs in cancel pending forever, the only easy way to cancel the job is to restart the services on the remote server.  I've tried putting a timeout but it never cancels the job

I looked at the posts and tried the suggested fixes but they never seem to work.

I must be missing something!

Any help is appreciated!


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Hi Rich 

Under the devices tab, right click on the server and place a check mark on "PAUSED"

Wait for 30 seconds and then uncheck "PAUSED". Run a backup job to check the status.

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 This is a temperary fix and not a perminant one.

Its a best practice to have a "Support Contract" with Symantec...

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I've tried that several time waiting as long as 5 minutes with still no movement.  There must be a setting somewhere that I've missed.


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Is there any green question mark next to the queued status.

Also open BEUtility.exe and check the status of the media server. 

BEUtility is located at X:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec 

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No green question mark and the media server is running> used beutil the other day and ran a bediag and got 3 million pages of stuff well above my pay grade!

I did notice that one of the media from the other day has a green right arrow next to the name and I can't remove it.

I think I will delete all the B2D folders and start again...

Okay, I recreated a single B2D device and associated folders and am now running a test run amd although it is running, the percent is blank and the byte count is 0 with no job rate.  When I check the remote server it shows a backup in progress but after an hour still nothing...

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i have just come across this issue again. It was present in version 12 also. Somehow backup to disk is dependent on tape library.

Here what i have done to resolve the issue on version 12 and now on version 2010R2.

1. Remove tape drives in BE console

2. Remove tape library from BE console

3. Uninstall Tape drive and tape library from device manager in windows

4. Reboot library

5. Reboot server

6. Install new  drivers for library . Do not install tape drive drivers.

7. Install tape drivers trough BE console. You need Symantec drivers on tape drive

8. Configure library trough BE console wizard

9. Restart the server

All in all.. the problem is in the drivers for the library/tape drive.

Hope it helps.

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if you have tape library present on the system it will probably help. If not, then the problem is somewhere else.

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I now get this error message:

V-79-57344-34108 - An unexpected error occurred when cleaning up snapshot volumes. Confirm that all snapped volumes are correctly resynchronized with the original volumes.

 from what I've read, this has to do with shadow copy and I'm just backing up flat files

I've used AOFO and not used.  This is f**N crazy.  I have even checked the settings against another installation which works and the settings are the same... same version of BE software, OS and clients I'm at a loss... STILL!!!!

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I just ran the pre-installation again and found a warning about SEP 10 client potentially causing an issue, I install SEP 11.0 client and reinstalled the BE client and still no joy...  Job status still is stuck at Queued, even though the BE client running on the server I want to backup from shows a backup in progress.

Any other thoughts?