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BE 2010, backup to tape directly

Created: 06 Nov 2012 | 5 comments

Hi there

I woud like to know how to backup to tape direclty within BE 2010 because i've tryied and it doesn't work.

Here's what i've done.

- Put a tape in my tape drive using the hp web interface

- Create a new backup job

- Selected the stuff i want to backup (33gb)

- Go to Device and Media under Destination, select my tape drive

- Go to General and select either Full - Copy the files or Full Using archive bit

- Hit Submit

After a few minutes, BE says it's completed and byte count is 988 byte...

Anything i'm missing?

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What kind of data you have selected for backups?

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It's just a bunch of random installer files that i have on a file server.

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33GB installer files? 

What happens when you target the same job to a B2D folder?

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Have you tried to create a new job and target both/either of the B2D or tape?

Otherwise consider the following:

1. Upgrade BE to BE 2010 R3 if you're not on this, and update with SP2 and any other available patches.

2. If you are on BE 2010 R3, make sure it is fully patched.

3. Run a comprehensive repair of the BEDB as per the TN below:

Then try the backup again.


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