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BE 2010 Deduplication questions

Created: 18 Feb 2010 • Updated: 20 Aug 2010 | 3 comments

How does the deduplication work within backup exec 2010, does it go as far as looking within files? ie: if i had 5 different word documents but for instance they all had the same company logo, is it intelligent enough to store just one copy of the logo??

I'm also trying to get my head around the difference between dedupe and incremental backups (unless it looks within files)? Can someone explain or refer me to a well written explaination of deduplication, ie: do you run one full backup and just keep it forever and then run dedupe backups from there on?

Sorry if this is a stupid question!

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Basically, dedupe works a the block/data chunk level, not the file level.  So the file name or source doesn't really matter.

Incremental works at the file level.  If the file changed at all, then the whole thing gets backed up again.

With small files, there may not be a practical difference between the strategies.  But if you have a big file that has a tiny part of it that changes daily, then dedupe should be much more efficient.

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some more info...........

Yes ur right... it is kind of block level backup which will look in side file on every block.

example: if i have sent one file of 2 MB  to 10 users and all of them have saved it on there shared folder or desk top. means i am going to take 20 mb of backup for same file (2*10).

Incremental Backup: what incremental backup will do is it will take backup of files modified after last incremental backup......

De-dupe: De-dupe will take a backup at once only means only 2 mb but it will make pointer for all the locations where he finds the same data / file. if any of user has changed sum amt of data on file in his location. changed data will be identified and backed up accordingly. in short no more duplicate backup will be taken if you are using 2010 with De-dupe option.

if you have question abut how it will restore the data. then ans is..,..

you can create the normal restore job as you do in 12 or 12.5. but while restoring backup exec will check with pointers given to particular files while backup taken.

you can not perform the De-dupe directly on backup tape. you should have shared drive or shared folder to perform the dedupe backup. De-dupe backup will be performed on shared folder or shared drive. BE will have its own database to keep tracking of data backed up.

you can take backup of that De-dupe data on tape to keep it off side backup.....

hope this will clarify you on De-dupe....



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