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BE 2010 - EV 8.0.4 Agent Documentation

Created: 09 Aug 2010 • Updated: 23 Jan 2013 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Does anyone have a link to BE2010, EV 8.0.4 Agent documentation? I remember seeing a reference to being able to run backups of EV without needing to put the system in read-only mode. I guess it would be snapshot, much like Exchange?


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Backup Exec will put EV in maintenance mode at the start of the backup and removes it out of maintanance mode after backup.

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The attached document outlines the BE 2010 and 2010R2 Software Compatibility List.

Unfortunately it lists Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP2 is the only version supported. 

CAN ANYONE FROM SYMANTEC CONFIRM IF EV 8.0 SP4 is also compatible with B.E. 2010 OR B.E. 2010R2?

Judy Glazier

BE 2010 and 2010R2 Software Compatibility List.pdf 321.3 KB
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I am familiar with putting EV into 'read-only' mode prior to backup and that the agent does this natively.  I seem to remember that an update to the client was supposed to allow for backing up without this need by utilizing some kind of VSS type backup.

Judy, I believe you are correct that EV 8.0.4 is not supported by the agent.

I am running BE 2010 and have the BE 2010 agent for EV installed, but every time I try to do a backup the job fails with "0x1 - Incorrect Function" and an exception that the remote agent is running a previous version of the client.  I have already removed the agent from the EV server, rebooted and pushed it to the server again.   The problem remains.

I really don't want the frustration of trying to work with BE support, that's never a good experience.

This is from the article:

With later versions of Enterprise Vault (Enterprise Vault 8.x), the Enterprise Vault Agent uses Enterprise Vault Backup mode rather than read-only mode to back up Enterprise Vault components. By using the Backup mode, the Enterprise Vault Agent can back up Enterprise Vault components without having to suspend Enterprise Vault archiving operations.

For example, when you select a vault store group or site for backup, the individual vault store or indexes are placed in Backup mode. Backup mode lets Enterprise Vault continue archiving operations in other vault store groups or sites. After the backup job successfully completes, the Enterprise Vault Agent takes the Enterprise Vault components out of Backup mode so that those components can continue archival operations.

So it only puts the vault store that is being backed up into 'read-only' mode

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We have solved the issues we were having with errors on trying to use the BE 2010 agent on the EV 8.0 SP4 server.

The errors we were having are a known issue with EV 8.0 and higher with SQL 2005 and BE 2010 or BE2010 R2.

The Enterprise Vault (EV) Agent for Backup Exec 2010, shows some entities with (/) instead of SQL server name/DB name in the backup selections and while browsing such entities the error "An error was encountered while attempting to browse the contents of DB. incorrect function" is received.

Judy Glazier