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BE 2010 (or 2012): Find version of RAWS agent?

Created: 30 Jan 2013 • Updated: 31 Jan 2013 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Is there a better way to find out what  versions yoru various remote agents are running at to ensure they are up to date?  This article:

talks about finding the beremote.exe file on each server and manually checking the version via right-click.  At least for the RAWS agent.  That's an incredibly unsophisticated way to handle simple task, especially since the media server talks to the agents all the time.  The BE console really should have a place to check this. 

I'm not familiar enough yet with BE to know wer to find this info, if usch a feature exists, but there was not stand-out/obvoius place to check, in BE 2010 R3 at least. 

Thank you. 

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My easiest way is to run the RAWS agent installation from within BE. You'd normally do this after updating the media server as it push-installs the updates to the RAWS agents. This would tell you which servers have out-of-date agents.


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Great call by CragV... 

Mixit, the easiest way is just as described by Craig above..  In the B.E. console browse to "install agents and media servers on other servers" found under tools verify that the servers that you want to check are presented in the window.. if they arent add by clicking the addbutton, choosing the Remote agent for windows systems, enter the computer name or browse to it and enter the appropriate credentials  then click next,next this will validate the install of all machines that are in the window and inform you of which are in need of updating and which are not. you can also from this screen continue on and update the machines that require update by clicking next and install. 

I hope this posting was helpful


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Thanks guys for the info.  But Symantec really should beef up their management console approach a bit.  Since the agents communicate with the media server regularly, it should and would be no big deal from a product development standpoint to have that communication include some status information including version info.  Again I haven't looked at 2012 yet though but I suspect since you guys didn't mention it, that things have not changed. 

This thing is kind of surprising really.  Don't get me wrong I am 100% pro-Symantec as a partner and user but sometimes they overlook the most basic things in product design that are sort of the norm for other brands, it surprises me. 

Is there a feedback mechanism for getting involved in suggesting product features?  More partner-specific where you can really get involved, not just clicking some arms-length feedback link somewhere.  Just curious. 

Thanks!  Actually I iwll make this question a new thread so somebody can get some points. 

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Exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks!