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BE 2010 R2 upgrade

Created: 18 Aug 2010 • Updated: 25 Sep 2010 | 7 comments
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I couldn't find any documentation on upgrading BE 2010 to R2. Do I need to save off the configuration in case it fails? Do I need to suspend all backup jobs? Do I need to stop any services? What are known issues with an upgrade? Will I need to enter the license keys again?

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Check this link for BUE 2010 R2:

Will I need to enter the license keys again?
-If you will download the software for the BUE 2010 R2, and you have an existing license keys for BUE 2010, it will be carried over to the 2010R2.

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Hello Rick

 BE2010 to BE2010 R2 is a version upgrade. To be on a safer side do take a backup of DATA & CATALOGS folder.

 To make a copy of DATA & CATALOGS folder you will have to stop the SQL service used by BE.

 You will have to put the jobs on hold before proceeding with the upgrade process.

 This upgrade is same like BE12.5 to BE2010, only advantage is that BE2010 license keys will work with BE2010R2

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Does anyone have any knowledge as to what issues have been recorded in bkupinst.htm in these cases?

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If you do the upgrade, do you need to upgrade all of your agents, or are they the same version if you are up to date on your 2010 RTM patches?

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Yes you need to upgrade the remote agents too.

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BE 2010 installed, but the remote agents didn't.  Now I can't talk to any of my servers.

The event log showed that the RA service timed out when starting, but no error was logged.  Working with support, we found the RA utility sometimes failed to close and left zombie processes.  After terminating all of those, we were able to start the RA service.
I thought this was a PEBKAC error, but after he finished laughing the tech said he's experienced this before with the RA.

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I upgraded the server, rebooted, upgraded all the agents, and rebooted each server after the upgrade. 

The only issues so far:

The agents now advertise to the server using the FQDN, so I had to adjust most of my selection lists to reflect this; else the jobs failed.

When doing an agent remote install via the GUI, apparently 1.3 Gig of free space on the destination server isn't enough (really Symantec????) and it fails.  Had to drag over the RAWS32 folder and manually install from the destination server.