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BE 2010 R3 Cataloging process

Created: 05 Dec 2013 | 3 comments

Hi.  I've created a B2D folder containing numerous existing 4Gb BKF files in order to do a system recovery.  By right-clicking the folder (in BE devices) I can Inventory it.

However, in order to Catalog it I have to right-click one of the BKF files.

My question is - does it matter which BKF file I select for Cataloging?  For example, should it be the oldest file or will BE catalog the entire folder regardless of which file I choose.

As you may guess this is my first encounter with Backup Exec..


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Hello, take a look at this is an excellent blog about cataloging  

Hope this helps


You can select them all by holding down the shift key.

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You should catalog all the .bkf files at one go.  Otherwise, you would run into a problem with the sequence.

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Thanks for the input. 

If I select N files then it creates N Catalog jobs and each one processes many Gb of data - certainly much more than 4Gb per job.  If I select just one then that one job also processes many Gb (400+ so far).

I'm experimenting as I've got 350 files to catalog off a very slow NAS box..


As I've got  "Request all media" ticked does that mean that cataloging just one file will automatically look for any BKF files that follow it in the backup sequence?