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BE 2010 - Test credentials ..

Created: 12 Feb 2013 • Updated: 12 Feb 2013 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi guys,

since a couple of days, my backup fails when it's time to backup on tape. Actually, a couple of the jobs only fails while others works. Let me explain.

During the day (because my backup is getting too big) i need to backup the Exchange Server on a different tape. This might not be the better solution but at the moment, I need to get it backed up. This job works all the time. I only got one LTO.

During the evening, at 7pm, I have a job which starts to backup the file server which is the BE server itself and a remote NAS on Linux (QNAP shares). Let's say last month, backups were running fine and suddenly jobs started to fail. The last job which worked was on Feb 4th without any error except for the normal warning of the remote agent not present on the QNAP. That's fine to me... files are on the tape.

Now, if i enter in a job (any of them - Exchange also) i can't manage to Test de credentials. I click on "Test All" and nothing happens .. no error message. The user related to the job is the System Connection Account (? in french sorry). This guy is member of Domain Admins, Backup Operators and Domain Users but his primary group is Domain Admins. Also, his password doesn't expire and I confirmed by reseting it to the same password which worked for months/years.

Let me open the policy to confirm. It has been added to the Default DC Policy, in the past .. not sure it's best practice: This guy can also Logon as service, Act as part of the OS, Create token object, Manage the audit and security logs, Logon as task, Take ownership on files or other objects, Restore files or folders, Backup files and folders.

I tried to create a new user, no luck...

Thank you for you help.


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Hey it seems like my account was locked in AD. I don't know why but after a couple of research, I found this article which helped. Looks like my password was blank. I changed it in Network / Connection accounts

Can you help me though with this QNAP problem now it says Communication failed. Still trying to have access with the same BE user that has the good password now.

I confirm that this user has Read/Write access on the specific share and nothing changed since the last successful backup. Where can I find a log file that would tell me the truth?


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Created a new job, just to backup 15Gb on the NAS.
Credentials used are the same BE user as usual.

I can't seem to test the credentials but it is probably due to the fact that there is no BE Remote Agent on the QNAP.

I'm gonna see tonight if the regular backup will work. If not, I will kill the job and do another one brand new.

CraigV's picture would get a test failure because of the fact you mentioned with no remote agent being installed.

I wouldn't worry about that as long as you can backup from the NAS, and restore that data.


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Last night backup ran just fine. Took 7:09:00 to backup 450Gb or so. As it's just an LTO3 i guess it's normal that the backup take so long but also, the NAS makes it worst probably.

Anyway, I just never realized that the credentials couldn't be verified. But there was obviously a problem with my BE user being locked off all the time.. The article I mentionned solved the problem.