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BE 2012 and DR

Created: 26 Oct 2012 • Updated: 19 Nov 2012 | 1 comment
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We testing the new DR of BE2012, we create all steps required to recover a server in a dissimilar hardware. All works fine, but after the system started and we give the login the Windows requires to activate the license.

According Symantec this is an issue of Microsoft. So, what we can do? If I activate Windows the old license die? We did not continued with the recover because as this is a test we think that the license that is working could be die and the system will stop to work.

Two conditions that are important in this lab, the recover test was in dissimilar hardware and the license of the original server is OEM (it's a Dell server), the S.O. is Server 2003 Standard Ed.

Carlos Espinoza

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Require reactivation is 'normal' because you restore to disimilar hardware. Compare this with adding a new mainboard, this will also require re-activation. I would think that nothing will happen to your original server, but not 100% sure.

Using an OEM license will limit you to the hardware that came with the license. Officialy you are not allowed to migrate that license to another system (which you actualy do when restoing to other hardware).

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