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BE 2012 and vmware raw

Created: 04 Oct 2013 • Updated: 10 Oct 2013 | 10 comments
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Hi all,

I'm just playing with BE2012 trial and want to see how this verion is dealing with Vmware 5.1

Now Im trying to backup a Vspher Guest with 2012 on it and a physical RAW HD. So as know i can't do it because the vmdk for this volume is only a pointer file. That is ok but if i exclude this vmdk i still can not backup the guest. The error is: the guest have a physical hd, which is a physical rdm and so on.

Is there any way to run a backup of the guest? without the raw device?

I don't want it to backup via agent, would like to backup the system form vsphere layer, so i can restore it very fast and simple.


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Its the limitation that you have on Vmware side.Vmware does not support backup and restores of virtual machine with RDM.

Please go through the below article

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Actually although the RDM limitation is because the vStorage snapshot process does not support RDM, the limitation that OP has asked about is that Backup Exec does not really have a supported way to exclude a disk from a VMware backup.

The only real solution to this is that for machines in your VMware environment that have physical RDM disk you should install the remote agent inside the VM and then perform traditional backups instead of Vmware agent ones. I belive that as long as you have the VMware license (to protect othjer VMs on the same host) you shoud not need to purchase a remote agent license (although you should confirm this with our customer care licensing team) although you will still need a database agent license if something like Exchange or SQL is involved.)

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we have veeam running for vmware backups and for agent in os backup we running BE 2010.

I thought we the new BE2012 i can do both vmware and agnet backup.

So we would by for all our sites only BE2012.

AT the momnet i can do really simple restore with veeam of Vsphere guest with rdm's. And aftre restore just connect the rdm again and thats it.

What is the way BE 2012 will do that. I have to backup the guest with the agnet. and if the os is broken and i have to restore the os, what is the fastest way to do that?

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As Colin Weaver mentioned earlier, You can install remote agent inside the virtual machine and do traditional backups. If you enable Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR) for this backup , you will be able to restore from SDR disk directly ( without installing O.S. manaully). Please check this article:

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Hi all,

not sure what is going wrong, but after i have installed the agent i have tried to create a backup job and see that the green buutton ( is not green. Any idea why?

Thanks all

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If you exclude the wrong things from the backup then the SDR light would be off. Backup everything

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What is the operating system of the Virtual Machine/System you are trying to backup - if Windows 2012 then we do not support that with SDR yet and I believe the green light will then be off

If not Windows 2012 then I think it might be time for you to log a formal support case.

EDIT: just noticed the OP states that the guest is 2012 as such SDR is not an option currently, a RAWS backup with a manual DR process will be needed until we add full support.