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BE 2012 - Automatic label results in tapes named ?

Created: 08 Oct 2012 | 3 comments

I expected BE 2012 to automatically label new media (as in previous versions) by tape type and a sequence number. Indeed page 381 of the admin guide seems to say that this is the way it works. For example in our case we have a Tandberg LTO library, and tapes before we upgraded to BE 2012 are auto labelled things like LTO000023, LTO000024, etc.

After the upgrade, the same LTO media is being labelled the question mark symbol like this:  ?

It even appears in the job logs as

All Media Used


To be clear, I am NOT looking for a way to custom label the media, I just want BE 2012 to automatically label the way it describes in the admin guide.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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pkh's picture

You are one of the very rare few who rely on BE to label new tapes for them.  The vast majority either label their new tapes manually or use barcode labels so if there is any change in behaviour in BE 2012, it went unnoticed.  To find the answer to your problem, you would probably have to open a support case with Symantec.

If your library has a barcode reader, I would strongly suggest that you use barcode labels.  They are a lot more effcient for library operations.  See my article below on how to get started with barcode labels.

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It should auto label the tapes in the same way 2010 does as such if you do not switch to barcodes then please log a formal support case for the problem.

Oh and a thought - if your library is barcode enabled but your tapes don't have barcodes on them you could possibly get some odd results so check this before logging a case.

EDIT: Also when you first inventory a tape (in my case in a stand alone drive) it shows with a ? in the media label, I think you have to write a backup to it for it to be autonamed

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Our library is capable of using bar codes, but we haven't been using them. Perhaps Colin is correct and this is confusing Backup Exec. FYI: We are seeing the tapes labelled as ? after the backup job is complete.

I'll investigate using the bar code ability on the library. Thanks for the comments.