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BE 2012 - backup to disk on server A, replicate to tape on server B - how?

Created: 27 Nov 2012 | 5 comments
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Hi all,

I have two physical  servers, lets call them "DISK server" and "TAPE server". One has a lot of local disk space, the other has a tape library.

I want to backup-to-disk all my Windows and vSphere clients to "DISK server" and keep the data there for 1 week. After a backup job has completed, I want to replicate the finished job to tape library storage on  "TAPE server" and keep it there for 10 weeks.

I am not concerned with deduplication and/or optimizing. If possible, I prefer not to use it at all.

Can this be done simply ?    Like install BE 2012 Server on my "DISK server" and install some kind of remote media agent on "TAPE server" which will then allow me to use both types of storages from the console on "DISK server" ?

If this does not work, would it work by installing a full BE 2012 Server install on both my servers?  (This is my current situation, but I can't get to see the tape library from TAPE server on my DISK server, so I cannot replicate a backup job)

Do I really need  a CASO for this ?  I mean, I don't want to manage multiple servers, I simply want to use two types of storage, each connected to a different physical server.

(If you wonder "why not connect the tape and disk storage to one server:"  these servers are located in a different DC, for redundancy purposes)

Thanks all for your feedback !

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You may want to look into the Backup Exec 2012 Enterprise Server Option. This indeed includes the the CASO option. See here for more details:

What you want, connect the tapedrive remotely, will never work. You need to have a licensed copy of Backup Exec on both servers, and use ESO to migrate the data between the two servers.


ESO (CASO) enables deduplicated data to be copied directly from one OpenStorage (OST) device to another

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So what I want will work for Linux, but not for Windows?  (remote media agent for Linux)

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I must say that this is the first time I found out about the Remote Media Agent for Linux.

Check the SCL of BE2012:

You will see that the support for the RMAL is very limited to only two linux distributions:

Red Hat 4.x and Asianux 2.0

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Is the machine with the tape Library a Linux box? Only if this is true you can use the RMAL to configure this. Confirm if the libraary is supported using RMAL in the HCL

If it is a windows server then you might consider installing BE on that server and configure a Remote Backup to Disk folder on the server that has space available. Alternatively, you could use the Enterprise Server option for a CASO-MMS server.

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Forget about RMAL, it is not applicable in your case.  RMAL is for backing up a Linux server directly to a media attached to it.  Except for RMAL, BE can only backup to a media which is attached to the media server.  With RMAL, you can attach, say, a tape drive to a Linux server and backup the Linux server directly to that tape drive.  You cannot backup another remote server to the tape drive attached to the Linux server.

If you don't want to use CASO/MMS, then the easiest thing to do is to attach the tape drive to the disk media server and do everything from this server.  You would also save 1 BE licence for the second server.