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BE 2012 - Backup to Disk then Duplicate to tape shows tape as all free space?

Created: 17 Jan 2013 | 4 comments

I just installed Backup Exec 2012 and the first full job that duplicated the backup to tape shows that the used tape cartridges (3 total) all show 373GB Free of 373 GB with the correct overwrite protection date set.  It said the byte count written to these tapes was 1.8 GB.  Is this just a bug and that duplicate backup job really exists on those 3 tapes or the tapes really are empty?  I want to make sure that there is actual backup data on them before I remove them for offsite storage.

Tape drive is a Dell TL2000


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maybe a GUI refresh issue?  try hitting F5 or closing/reopening the GUI?

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Go to the Storage tab, click on each tape and see what are the backup sets that exists on the tapes.

You can also try to restore something from these tapes.

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I have also found the tape slot GUI in 2012 very inaccurate when reporting back the correct numbers for each tape. The maths simply doesnt EVER add up.

A backup job will finish and write to 3 tapes, but then you query those tapes and only 1 shows it is written to and sometimes showing way under capacity. The others often show up as empty.

I have also foudn the GUI only updates with the true state of tapes, after the next task is run. So its like 1 task behind all the time. So run a meaningless task like 'catalog' and then the status of the previous task will finally show up.

Buggy yes.

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...matter of interest but did you check the Known Issues section to see if this is listed there?


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