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BE 2012 BUG: false Linux Media Server Option license violation message

Created: 01 Apr 2014 | 3 comments

In which is now "locked - Please start a new discussion" I reported being surprised by my Backup Exec 2012 installation accusing me of a license violation (translated from German):

     Message:       Linux Media Server Option-License Violation
                    The trial period for the Linux Media Server Option has expired.
                    You must acquire the Linux Media Server Option or deactivate the devices.
                    You find additional information in the documentation.
     Additional information: Support Database Article V-275-444

I have now analysed the problem a bit further:

  1. I add a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 server with the latest RALUS from BE 2012 SP4. (Version 14.0.1798.1364)
  2. I create a job definition backing it up to deduplication storage and duplicating to tape.
  3. In the properties of that job's Backup stage, on the Storage pane, in every section there is a radiobutton option (translated from German):
    (*) Allow the remote computer to access the storage device directly and perform client side deduplication if this is supported.
    ( ) Allow the remote computer to access the storage device through the Backup Exec server and perform server side deduplication if this is supported.
    By default, the first one is selected.
  4. If I change that option to the second alternative (server side deduplication) in all sections before creating the job, everything's well.
  5. If I leave it at the default alternative (client side deduplication), Backup Exec creates an entry for the Linux server on the Storage tab, displays a duplicate of the deduplication storage below it, and reports that the Backup Exec services need to be restarted. Shortly after I do that, the Licensing Violation message appears.
  6. Deactivating the Linux server on the Storage tab as demanded by the message does not help. The accusing message keeps reappearing anyway.
  7. Trying to delete the Linux server from the Storage tab produces a series of error messages "Backup could not be created" and "Backup Items could not be updated" repeating endlessly until I give up and click Cancel, at which point nothing has changed - except that all of my other jobs going to deduplication storage report their settings have changed and I should run a full backup as soon as possible.
  8. Setting the job option mentioned above to "server side deduplication" afterwards does not help in any way.
  9. The only way I found to get rid of the Licensing Violation message is to delete the Linux server from the Backup and Restore pane. This also removes it from the Storage pane, and after the invevitable service restart the Licensing Violation message is gone, but of course so is the backup job definition.

In sum, if you enable client side deduplication on a Linux server the licensing check of Backup Exec thinks you are using it as a Media Server and sticks with that even if you later disable it again.

Hope it helps someone.

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...add this as either an Article or Blog. Your post, which might help others, will get lost here.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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I hadn't, but it isn't applicable, is it? It says "Solution: This error can be ignored if Linux Servers are not being backed up." But I am backing up a Linux server.