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BE 2012: Does anyone know what this error code means: "The Request channel timed out while waiting for a reply..." . Screen shot atttached, see within

Created: 06 Sep 2012 • Updated: 06 Mar 2013 | 17 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Be 2012. Endless issues tring to get it finally there and working. After 5th call to tech csupport was 'almost there'. THen this one popped up, and keeps popping up EVERY time u try and 'do something; in 2012.

I have 2 Symnatec support techs on this one, both wasted 3 hours of my time to finally 'escalate' the problem. Havent heard back from level 3 support yet (they must be busy, i would "assume").

But anyone else out there shed some light? I am guessing its actually sql thing with BE2012 not getting along nicely with its sql nack end.

And before u ask, yes I have rebooted, cheched all services are running. Done the ususl. Hasnt gone away. But locks the whole interfacce (if u can call BE 2012 an 'interface) down for the 00:00:.99979998. which is 10 mins for you all out there is human land.

Have nice day :-/

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Hello Maxgeo,

    Do you have CIFS enabled NAS in your environment?

Then Open TCP 135 on NAS.

Check this technote for the same. : Backup Exec 2012 console remains a message "Inserting resource container..." for a long time when adding CIFS enabled NAS as File server.



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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THanks for reply, but NO tis is not related.

None of our severs use a NAS and our BE server doesnt do any type of plain CIFS file transfere/backup to disk.

Absolutley doing anything in the interface at all, like trying to 'right lick a physical server' to edit its backup, goes to run the task and sits there for 10 mins before timing out.

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Server 2008 R2 64 bit

BE 2012.01 with all hotfxes etc.

I hazarda guess watching the Symantec tech on webex 'flailing' around trying all sorts of stuff reading errors he has never seen before that its all down to a faulty/flawed product that developers who had matured a 32-bit driver layer environment and then rushed 64-bit version to the market that worked in their 'lab/demo' envirnonment (Symantec sales/developer reps keep boasting on about 'come see our lab environment where we have it working).

Well its not and it doesnt. And i now know its not me.

Went to a Dell conference luncheon in our capital city with like 50 our city's (Perth, Australia) best/most active informed sys admins, sys engineers to solutions architects. Wow, the HATE on symantec is EPIC poroportion since 2012.

75% ditched Symantec and Back-up exec years ago, and tere were some great ideas for what they have working and vouch for.

One guy put up his hand and said 'yeh we got 2012 working, :everyone glanced in disbelief over at him lol, then he added: 'but we have only have 3 servers, and i dont use any agents or SAN mode transport'.


could of used ntbackup mate. Thats what I have had to use to 'prove' that its not HARDWARE that level 1 and 2 Symantec support are completely wrong when they say that straight off their 'script'

I backed up my 8TB of raw vmdk's that BE 2012 managed to do to disk- before this funny error came up- then used ntbackup to write to my tape drive. 100% no probs. Symantec, its you, not me.

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75% ditched Symantec and Back-up exec years ago

This seems to contradict this

 the HATE on symantec is EPIC poroportion since 2012.

If the majority had ditched BE years ago, why are they trying out BE 2012?

CraigV's picture used Windows Server Backup in 2008 R2 to backup to tape? How'd you do that when it isn't supported?

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'isnt supported' =! 'does not work'

Because it did. It worked. Straight up thuggin' ntbackiup. :fist bumps: to microsoft.

Come on 'trusted advisor', lift your game.

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...I'd like to play a "clapping sound" but they don't allow *.sarcasm or *.wav files wink

Stick with Wnidows Backup Utility then if it works for you. Nobody is convincing you otherwise.

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'In motion', if u catch my drift.

 Was actually suprised ntbackup worked at all, but had initially tried it by downloading the seperate installer for 64 biut win 7 as i had a friend who needed to read .bkf files. It worked on win 7 64 bit, and it did on 2008 R2.

But we're not going to rely on it as our 'solution'. Currently researching alternatives, whilst attempting to give BE 2012 a 'fair go' (aussie slang for tried our best).

We are currently receiving some very responsive support/help/guidance (all 3, diff ppl tho!) so Symantec is still in with a chance. will see how we go.

Pity you have to make splash to be heard, but we're in a boat and its sinking. Sometimes you gotta just  'jump'. Poetic haha. by accident.

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...on that I totally agree with you. I live in South Africa and the support I have received from Symantec has been pretty good. Sometimes from first-line support, but mostly by escalating. Others don't get the same.

...and sometimes you have to threaten to be heard. Hope it goes well!

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hey, dunno. i'm just reporting what i saw/heard with my own eyes.

AND I KNOW BE 2012 is doing it tough, as 'influencial' peeps high up in the Symantec chain have contacted me via PM and stealth, offering all sorts.

I dont want any bribes to 'shut up or be quiet'. I just want the damn product working.

Or we're leaving Symantec as well. After 20 years with them. Actually 99% sure we are. My techcnical manager has ordered me to 'gather evidence' to support our case for full refund on all our server licenses, agents, maint contract extension and possibly even the fact it has hogged my reoure time 40% of my day at the moment. Currently recording all 'tech call cases' and capturing all webex session as .mp4 (with full permission and informing symatec techs that I am dong this). Unfortunately this is what it comes down to in this day and age!

CraigV's picture happens. Trust me, there is another vendor competing directly against BE and their support is poor. 3 months to get a simple issue sorted out with no response to mails. It took a quick: We're ripping your cr@p out of our environment! to get them to respond.

Find me the vendor with no issues and I will also drop Symantec. They're still the market leader, so they're doing something right.

BE 2012 R2 is going to move to Beta soon, so you might also want to check that out. Choice is yours!

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I would also like to add that Symantec support has been exemplary, (once u get escalated past level 1 or 2 script based guys- who are still polite as hell, Big ups India!).

The problem wth this product is simple, development/coding of end product. And poor old indian call centre techs are trying their hearts out reading off their script, and 'feeling' our pain Whilst responsible deveopers somewhere else are on holidays spending their big bonus for getting 'revolutionary new product first to market' kicking their feet up, drinking pina colada's. High 5'ing themsleves.

Hopefully someone who reads this can see where to start focusing 'their energies'.

CraigV's picture mentioned above:

That is the link for the Beta program. See if you can get on it. Might be worth your while. If it doesn't resolve your issues then you've at least covered your bases!


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OK thanks Craig. My sym account creds arent sufficient for "Symantec Beta/First Availability user account", how may I obtain this?

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No worries...check below the section to logon and there is a "Join SymBeta Now" button. Hit that and register.

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