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BE 2012 - GRT capabilites Linux

Created: 18 Jun 2012 • Updated: 19 Jun 2012 | 9 comments
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Is granular restore possible with the Agent for Linux in Backup Exec 2012?


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File(flat) level GRT is possible with RALUS.

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would this still be the case when running in Virtual environment?

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Are you asking about performing Virtual Agent backups of a virtual Linux host, or RALUS backups where Linux just happens to be virtualized.

For information GRT is a term usually used for backups of Virtual machines (Hyper-V or VMware) or databases (Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint AD etc). Standard agent (either Windows or RALUS) backups have always been at a file level via the file system itself and therefor are granular by default without needing any special GRT capability.

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hi Colin

just to verify..

esx server, running Linux virtual guests.

using BE 2012 Agent for VMware (unlimited RALUS and RAWS then included for the spesific host.)

from BE licensing guide..Agent for VMware

Included Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) provides the ability to restore individual files and folders inside of Guest virtual machine without restoring the entire Guest virtual machine. (GRT is available for Windows Guest machines only, GRT for Linux OS Guest Machine is not currently available due to VMware limitation)

from your post, individual restores from virtual Linux guests is possible, but the above refer to Appl and DB GRT (which will not be possible running Linux virtual guest)


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OK now you have finally confirmed you are trying to use the VMware agent and NOT RALUS. Up until this point you had not been clear about what type of backup operation you were asking about - hence it was difficult to give a straight answer.

As you are trying to use the VMware agent, you cannot do GRT (individual file / application content restore) as we do not support GRT for VMware agent backup in Linux

If you want the ability to restore individual files from your Linux system you will have to use a standard/legacy  remote agent process and install RALUS inside your Virtual Machine (and you may need a RALUS license.)

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Thanks Colin, makes sense

lastly.. Would you have to purchase the RALUS Agents for these virtual Linux Servers?

looking at the licensing guide, I would have say NO? as the Agent for VMware inc unlimited RAWS and RALUS?

Per ESX host

What's Included

Unlimited deployment of Agent for Windows and unlimited deployment of Remote Agent for Linux. These unlimited agents are restricted to use in the particular ESX Server Host’s Virtual Machines only

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Hi Jaco -

I believe you are correct - however as licensing specifics are handled by our customer care team and not support I'd suggest you phone them and ask. Unfortunately even though I have asked current customer care do not monitor the forums.


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great! thx for your effort Colin

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Hi Jaco,

From 1 Saffer to another, on this level, it doesn't's OS-related, not platform-related!


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