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BE 2012 - How restore files from VM backup using GRT

Created: 09 Apr 2014 | 7 comments


I'm using Backup exec 2012 SP4 and make a full backup the sunday and the incremental backup each other day of several VMs under vSphere 5.5 on disk.

After each backup, i duplicate the backup to a library LTO5. At the end of the week, i delete the backup on the disk and keep on the library backup.

I can restore from the backup disk but after one week i have to use the library backup. And i'm unable to restore from library backup. I'm in the case of this article (

I tried to duplicate from library to disk and restore from the disk but it don't work too.

Only restore from full backup work from disk or library. Restore from incremental don't works after duplicate to library except if i keep the original backup on disk and i restore from it.

Thanks for your response

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Hello goyer,

Does a redirect restore give the same results?

If so, please contact Support.

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I only did redirect restore because i don't want to override the files on the VMs. I just test on a test VM to restore file directly on the original place and it doesn't work with a different final error but an error always appears like in a redirect restore:

V-79-57344-38721 - Echec du montage d'une ou de plusieurs images de disques virtuels :
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I only do redirect restore. I don't want to override my VM's files. I just test on a VM test to restore directly on original place and it doesn't work. The final is not the same in redirect restore but an error appears in 2 cases : V-79-57344-38721 - Echec du montage d'une ou de plusieurs images de disques virtuels :

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Did this use to work?  When did this start?  Also, check the Backup Exec 2012 HCL to make sure the Library is on the HCL

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I don't remember if this use to work. I often make restore from disk (recent data) and maybe I done restore from library using some full backup (old data where the date is not very important). But now, i need restore old data where the date is important.

I had a lot of problem at start of backup exec 2012 with backup of VM. The product was not very good... Now the backup are good but i never test all type of restore.

Did you see the article i mentionned in the original post ? The problem is known by Symantec since 2012 and it mentionned that is a major functionnality ! It's terrible for a backup software saving data but not restoring...

The library is on the HCL. It is a HP MSL2024 with an Utltrium 3000 LTO-5 directly attached in fiber channel.

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Use Tapeinst.exe to verify the install of Symantec drivers

make sure your firmware has upto date drivers installed

try re creating the Backup job

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I update the firmware of the library and the tape drive. I reinstall Symantec drivers with clean of the unused drivers but the problem is always here. Re creating the job doesn't solve my problem. I want to restore data of a specific date. I have data  but the restore stop with different error if there is a direct or a redirect restore.

What do you think about the article I mentionned in the original post ?