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BE 2012 - How to setup server to SAN backup and then SAN to Tape Library

Created: 09 Apr 2013 • Updated: 15 Apr 2013 | 2 comments
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I am setting up a new backup system.  I have a HP StorageWorks MSL2024 tape library.   I have 2012 Backup Exec installed with all the agents etc.

(the backup server; SAN and Tape Library are all connected.)


What is the best way to setup a backup system that will backup the servers to a SAN and then backup the SAN data to tapes. 

Should I do a Full backup on Mondays, then Tues thru Fri,  do an incremental to the SANS then a Full backup to Tape everyday???

I have 10 servers to backup + Hyper-V servers and an Exchange server.  

Final question...   how do you remove the tapes from the magazine???  First time using a tape library.

Thanks for any suggestions, help topics,  videos etc.  I am at a lost with this one.


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You'd define a B2D on the SAN after presenting a LUN to the media server. Once done, target your backups to this. Once this is configured, you'd add in a stage to duplicate the backups to tape. Don't back them up directly as this messes up the BE catalogs.

Follow the TN below on how to create this duplicate job:

Initial backups to disk will go across the LAN (no SAN Transport Mode-type backup for Hyper-V), but the duplicate job will run across the SAN.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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You should set up your backup jobs to backup to your SAN and then add a stage to duplicate the backup on the SAN to tape.  For the duplicate, you can choose to duplicate all your backups, i.e. full + incremental to tape or just your full backup.

If you want to remove the tape after it is written to, you can add an export stage to the duplicate job.  This will export the tape to the mailslot.  The mailslot needs to be enabled by accessing the libary through its web interface.  Once the tape is in the mailslot, you just need to eject the mailslot to get the tape.  Otherwise, you would have to eject the whole magazine, remove it and then remove the tape.  Exporting the tape to the mailslot is easier because BE will export the tape that is used in the duplicate job.  If you remove the magazine, you got to know which tape to remove.