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BE 2012 HTML reports using wrong browser

Created: 12 Dec 2013 | 6 comments

I'm using Backup Exec 2012 SP3 on Windows Server 2008 R2 with Mozilla Firefox set as the default browser. But if I create a report in BackupExec in HTML format it is invariably opened in Internet Explorer instead. What's more, closing it triggers a security warning about content from "about:internet" being blocked by ESC.

How can I get Backup Exec to honor my default browser setting?


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This probabely has to do with the default application set to be used for html. This probabely has been set to Internet Explorer.

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If I double-click on a file with extension html in Windows Explorer it opens in Firefox. Is that what you mean?

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I have verified that Firefox is set as the default browser and handler for all protocols (FTP, HTTP, HTTPS) and extensions (.htm, .html, .shtml, .xht, .xhtml). I have also tested that the default (double click) action on files with extension .htm or .html is indeed to open them in Firefox, and that links in other applications (eg. Adobe Reader) also open in Firefox.

I have not found an option setting within Backup Exec Settings that looks as if it might be reponsible for this. I even tried switching Report Format to PDF (which has its own problems, see separate post) and back to HTML.

Still, Backup Exec opens its HTML reports in Internet Explorer.

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Have you tried to logon with the Backup Exec service account and then check the default HTML browser settings ?

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Interesting idea. I normally avoid logging in as a service user, but just tried it. Firefox was indeed set as the default browser for that user, too. But on this account, Internet Explorer does not run in Enhanced Security Configuration so the ESC warning does not appear.

In fact I see now that the window the report opens in is actually a report viewer belonging to Backup Exec and only using Internet Explorer embedded as its HTML display engine. So my initial problem description was wrong. Sorry for that.