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BE 2012 Licensing

Created: 16 Aug 2012 • Updated: 27 Sep 2012 | 9 comments
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Hi People,

I need to be sure of this licensing. I can't remember asking or seeing it anywhere yet.

I have a site with one server running AD and Exchange physically. The customer says he wants just one application and database license for both products.

Is it possible to give him just one for both products? As it appears cost is an issue for him.

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Active Directory and Exchange are two different things, they both support GRT backups/restores, he will need to purchase and install two Application and Database lincenses... i.e. one for Exchange and another AD.

Another license for AD in only required if he wants to use the GRT backup/restore functionality for Active Directory objects. If he does not wish to use GRT, a backup of System State would anyways include AD which can be useful in DR scenarios.... 

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Hi Bhavik,

I told the customer that already.

He is still of the opinion that since the two of them run on the same server he should not have to buy an extra license.

I guess I would give him the option of choosing to backup just the system state and buy only for Exchange.

He still has another agent for windows to purchase on another file server that also has MS Navision running with SQL. He has planned to backup the Navision as a flat file as he presently does.

In all he plans to buy two backup exec agents.

Thank you for the repsonse.

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I assume that when you say application license you mean Backup exec core license and when you say database license you mean Exchange agent or active directory agent . Your customer can install BE on the DC or on the exchange server, but its not recommended and as its recommended to install BE on a standalone server. 

with exchange agent you will have one remote agent license which will allow you to backup a remote server.

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Rahul, you seem to have misunderstood Nene's question smiley

Here's the link to download Backup Exec 2012 licensing Guide -->

Check page no. 9 in the PDF file which reads:

Agent License Information Details
Agent for Applications and Databases Per Application/Database instance Purchase one Agent for Applications and Databases for each Active Directory, Exchange, SQL, Lotus Domino, and Oracle application/database instance to be protected.

This is what Nene is referring to... 

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Hi Bhavik,

I already have this document but I was just concerned about the client's request and to get assurance from Symantec on it. Cos i wud nt want to sell only one and expect to use GRT on the AD.

I spoke to the customer about a minute ago and he understands the implication of buying just one of the agents.

Thank you.

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The agent for applications and databases licence for AD will give your customer the ability to restore individual AD objects, but it is not strictly necessary.  If he/she is prepared to restore the entire AD to recover a deleted AD object, then he don't need this licence.  This is how others without the AD GRT capability handle the recovery of AD objects.  Just backup the the system state of the DC and restore the system state of the DC to restore AD.

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Adding to what PKH mentioned above, the other option available without having to use GRT for AD is backing up the System State and using DSRM mode to person either an Authoritative or Non-Authoritative restore using ADSI Edit:

You can also see What is the difference between an Authoritative and Non-Authoritative restore of an active directory?

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Hi Bhavik,

Thank you for the solution. It was really helpful. But the customer just informed me that he is thinking of Symantec Cloud solution. And it is presently not supported in our region.

I Have already discussed with Symantec reps here.

Thank you.

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Ohh !! Thanks bhavik for sharing the information .