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BE 2012 multiple backups on one drive?

Created: 19 Sep 2012 | 3 comments

I have BE 2012 and 3 hard disks. I wish to have three folders on each disk:

Disk 1 - Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Disk 2 - Tuesday, Thursday

How can Backup Exec be setup to backup each day to a specific folder? The only way i can think of doing it is multiple backup jobs and change the scheduling of that job, but that just gets messy.

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With BE 2012, you cannot define more than 1 Disk Storage/Disk Cartridge Device on a disk volume, i.e. you cannot have more than 1 B2D folder per volume.

Ken Putnam's picture

Whether or not you can, why would you want to?  You are complicating your setup for no gain

Define one B2D folder, point all your jobs to that folder and let BackupExec handle the media management

Creating multiple  folders really doesn't gain you anything, since you should not do anyting with the BKF/IMG files outside of BE in the first place

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I wanted to jump in here. My question is similar. I am new to symantec backup exec (2012), So I am basing this question of other backup software I have used.

Do I need to set a storage area for each system I am backing up? Or can it all be in a single folder on my NAS drive?