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BE 2012 Optimized Duplication GRT

Created: 12 Mar 2012 • Updated: 13 Mar 2012 | 6 comments
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Hi. I am looking at implementing a local Deduplication store attached to the BE Server in our Datacenter and, using optimized duplication, replicate that data to our main office over a WAN where I have another BE Server and CASO.

All of this seems to be quite easy except when it comes to GRT backups. The Admin Guide states

"Optimized duplication can be performed on backup sets that were enabled for Granular Recovery Technology (GRT). However, only deduplication disk storage devices and PureDisk devices support optimized duplication for GRT-enabled backup sets."

Does this mean that if I am using "normal" deduplication storage being a LUN on a SAN that I cannot use Optimized duplication for any GRT backups? I only use GRT for Exchange and would need the WAN duplication to be optimized as it is about 700GB per night.

Also, if I were to use the Vmware Agent (I have 8 esxi5 Servers and about 80 VMs so it is cheaper to buy Vmware Agents rather than Windows Agents) as this uses GRT technology when backing up a "normal" server does this mean I cannot effectively duplicate these backups over the WAN?

Many Thanks in advance



edited. I will be using BE 2012 not 2010

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Hi Scott,


Might be worth your while taking a look at the optimized dedupe docu on the link below:

See if this answers your questions!



Edit: also check:

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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If you use a dedup folder created by BE then you can use optimised dedup.  I think the statement is referring to the situation when you use an OST device.

Note that your remote server would also need to have the dedup option for optimised dedup to work.

In your situation, it would definitely be cheaper to buy the AVVI licences.  With the AVVI licences, you can install RAWS in any of the VM hosted on servers licenced with the AVVI licence.  However, to do Exchange GRT you would still need 1 Exchange licence per server, virtual or physical.

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Thanks Craig. I am happy with the concept and implementation. It is just the GRT I am stuck on.

Thanks pkh. That answers my licensing question regarding Vmware Agent/Windows Agent. With regards to the GRT issue, are you saying that if I do as I intend, have two dedupe optioned BE Server over a WAN, each with local disk storage as the dedupe storage that GRT backups will duplicate "optimised"?

I know a GRT backup will dedupe, it is the optimized duplication over the WAN I am worried about .That statement seems to imply that unless you use a "deduplication disk storage devices" that is on the HCL OR Puredisk that the WAN duplication is not optimized (rehydrated).



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I know a GRT backup will dedupe, it is the optimized duplication over the WAN I am worried about .That statement seems to imply that unless you use a "deduplication disk storage devices" that is on the HCL OR Puredisk that the WAN duplication is not optimized (rehydrated).


From the above statement it suggest that you are confused with the term " " which is nothing but just normal Dedupe folder on local drive/SAN/LUN created in Backup Exec. Please refer to the following technote for more details on it.


Coming to your GRT question for Optimized Dedupe.... In BE 2010 if the GRT backups were Optimized Dedupe to another Dedupe folder then the GRT data use to be rehydrated from the Source dedupe folder and then again deduped to the second Dedupe folder. This would take more time and network bandwidth. But with BE 2012 there is an improvement in this process. Now the during the GRT backup Optimized Dedupe operation the GRT data is NOT REHYDRATED. This reduces the time for Opt dedupe and also takes less network bandwidth as the data in the Deduped form itself is transfered over the network.

Hope this clarifies your doubts.




Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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Thanks again pkh.

Thank you Sush. From my readings I thought that the change from 2010 to 2012 allowed what I was wanted to do but it was not terribly clear.

Yes you are right, I didnt understand what was meant by "deduplication disk storage devices " as there was a reference to the HCL as well. Thank you for that link.

That statement in the Admin Guide is quite redundant as it basically says "optimized duplication is supported for GRT Backups HOWEVER you must use deduplication storage"!!!

Maybe the statement was trying to distinguish between dedupe storage and classic backup to disk storage. Maybe I just read it wrong :)

Thanks all.