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BE 2012 P2V or B2V without ESX or Vcenter

Created: 16 Jul 2012 | 2 comments
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I have coorporated custumer, who want to convert their backup from some remote office to vmdk.But on HQ there is no difficulty he have VCenter server.

In fact we could not planify P2V or B2V jobs, because in some of remote office (all of them have their own BE Media server), there isn't any vcenter server or ESX server for use the B2V.

So How or when we could use standalone converter or something else to convert *.dr or backup to vmdk directly to be started on VMWare Workstation.


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Hi Nicolas,

do the following steps to get a full Backup of your your Remote server to the HQ.

1 Do a full backup of the server at the remote site. If possible direct int a Dedup-Store

2. Duplicate this into the HQ's Dedupe-Store. ( Global Dedup)

3. Setup  a second Full Backup of this server and use as Target the HQ's dedupe store.

4. setup a duplicete of this Job into a Virtual and target it to a VM-Server at the HQ.

this steps will reduce the networktraffic over the WAN connection, as you can only convert from a main Backup-Job into a VM-File.

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Dear Ralf, 

I thinked about this, but the small office are in 32 Bits OS, and they doesn't want to use the optimized dedupe over their Wan, that they said.

I know that Symantec works on this request because  we are lot of people asked for that.