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BE 2012 with Quantum DX30

Created: 19 Apr 2013 | 2 comments

Seeking help configuring a Quantum DX30 that has 16 SATA HD's with BE 2012. Not as familiar with devices that have HD's as much as tape. These devices were connected to BE 2010 originally before the server was retired and a newer one was made available. I am not aware of any way to test cabling connectivity, but removed the fiber cables from the old server to the new one.

With tape robotic devices, you have 2 entries in device manager, one for the robotic libray and the other one is the meduin changer. Am I suppose to have these for the DX30 in device manager also?

Trying to set this device up with BE 2012 to perform backups. When configuring storage I have chosen Storage Pools, but Storage device pool is greyed out. Also, Disk-based storage is another obtion I have tryied. I get Disk storage, but appently BE only sees the HD's that are internal to the server and Import a legacy backup to disk folder which is not what I am trying to accomplish. 

Is there anyone out there more familiar that give me a hand configuring this unit?

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If you're emulating a tape library using VTL, then you'd have robotics and the drive/s showing in Windows Device Manager.

What do you see?


EDIT: I'd also suggest you check out the TN below:

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Thanks CraigV for replying, main experience is with Dell tape libraries. Never really understood why they called HD units tape libraries. This unit has 16 sata hard drives that are hot swappable. In MS 2003 server, device mgr. I see no listing for a tape library.

As I said I only removed the fiber connections from behind the old server and placed into the new server and the led lights are green.

I looked in BE license information, I have a green/white check next to “Virtual Tape Library Unlimited Drive Option”.