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BE-2012 remote agent installation, status screen

Created: 07 Mar 2013 | 2 comments

Hi all

I've installed BE-2012 with sp1a and all patches. I wanna install a windows remote agent. Every time I open the

Installation and Licensing -> Install Agent wizzard, then the installation wizard checks all installed server about the status of all agents.

This takes quit a lot of time. In my case it takes 2-4 minutes, depending of the server count.

I've also seen another effect, which is quite annoying:

I've installed the remote windows agent with the this wizzard. At the end, I received the status, that the remote server should rebootet. The message is ok, but because I couldn't reboot this produktion server a that moment, I thougt, I'll reboot this server in the evening.

Then I tried to install aremote agent to another server, but i this case, the wizzard didn't allow me to continue, because there was a server reboot pending (the one from the previous installation).

Question: Is there a setting, to have BE create and check this status in the backgroud, so one can add additionall agents without having to wait

               till the status has finished (next-button is inactiv till status completes)?

Question: Is this by design, that you can't install remote agent with this wizzard, if there are previous server reboot pending?

regards robert

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Hi Robert,

That doesn't sound right, and I'd suggest you check the Known Issues section to see if this is an issue ( Otherwise put it in as an idea in the Ideas section.

You can also consider installing the RAWS agent manually, as per the TN below if you need to install additional agents:

You can also try to "confuse" the server into thinking it has rebooted. Browse to:

hkey_local_machine\software\symantec\backup exec for windows\patch reboot

Delete this key and BE will think the server restarted. You should be able to continue with the installation remotely.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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thanks for the answer.That with the registry,  I'll have a try the other day.

I will check the Known Issues section to see if this is an known issue.

regards robert