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BE 2012 restore from multiple tape duplicates - which tape is used?

Created: 10 Sep 2012 | 8 comments


I do the backup of our file server the following way. At first all data is backed up to disk. Then the data is duplicated to tape twice. So I have two identical tape media. One of these is stored locally at our location and one is stored externally for security.

Now I want to restore some older data in Backup Exec 2012. The data on the disk is not existing anymore but I have those two tape media sets. In BE 2010 I created a restore job and saw both sets in the resource view and could select with one to use for restore. Now in BE 2012 I only see the backuped data ones and BE tries to determine wich media should be used.

The problem is that BE always wants me to insert the external media not the internal one I have here. If I go to the media view I can see the desired data is on the tape but there is no way to create a restore job from there.

One more interesting thig is if I search for the file while creating a restore job. The file is found twice with the same backup date (existing on two media!?) but whatever I select it wants me to insert the external tape.

What can I do now? My expectation was that BE knows that the file is stored on different media and tells me "Insert this or insert that.." and accepts both media as long as the data fits.

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Right-click on the tape you want to restore from and choose the Restore option. Make sure that your date range is correct, and that the correct tape (ie. the tape in your drive) is selected to restore from.


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I am understanding your tricky situation ,you can go to backup set and from backup restore console view and from there you can select the date and data you are looking for restore and no at this moment you are not sure which tape has which data for that please click on backup set properties to view the catalog.XML file .once you open this file in Internet Explorer or in notepad it will have the information of tape media ,this way you will come to know ,it is bit long process and not as like in earlier version of backupexec were you use to choose data and then verify media too for selected data.

Hopefully this feature will come again in BE2012 R2 but for now in BE2012 this is the only way to track the tape information for associated backup set.
"We have returned the ability to initiate restore from backup sets or tapes" (quoted in the below link)
Hope that helps.



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...from the OP's "tricky situation", they're using the same media set which is where the confusion sets in for BE. Unless he expressly selects the tape he's going to have issues.

BE knows that the data is on both tapes, but which tape to request is what is causing the confusion.

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Craig is right. In my case I know which tape the data is on. But I found no way to tell Backup Exec to restore the data from this specific tape. In any restore job I created BE wants me to insert the other tape I don't have here at the moment.

Any workaround for this?

I read that it will be possible again to restore from media view in 2012R2 and I appreciate this. But in my case that will also be not more than a workaround.

The final solution would be that BE sees that the data I want to restore is stored on more than one media (as Craig mentioned BE knows that already) at accepts all of these media instead of requesting one specific or let's me choose which one to use while creating the restore job.

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...not sure how you will get around this if you can't restore on a per-media basis to be honest.

What you can do is create another media set called Tape Offsite for instance, and direct the second duplicate job to this to see if this resolves it.

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I don't thick there is a way to get aroung this at all at the moment.

I am already working with different media sets for internal and external tapes and the duplicate jobs direct to these media sets.

But in a restore job you don't have an option to restore from a specific media set. You just can select the drive/library to restore from.

Seems that there is no solution at the moment. I think I'll have to submit an idea and keep my fingers crossed that it will be implemented soon.

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If you work a few more steps through the restore wizard does it not show you a dialog listing choices of available media and give you chance to select?

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I dived a little bit deeper into this and now have more information.

If I create a new restore job I select that I want to restore files and folders. After that I can chose between 2 options. I can can select a known file from a known backup set or I can search for a file. This is where the different behaviour begins.

If I browse for a specific file in a specific backup set I get a dialog showing all possible media and I have the option to select the media to restore from. Here it would be nice to see the name of the media, which media set the media belongs to and in which media vault it is stored. At the moment you have to step to the summary page at the end of the wizard to see the tape and then maybe go back to the start to select another one. But basically it is working fine.

If I use the search option ans search for a specific file that is stored on different duplicates I get more than one search result. For example: The file is stored on two different tapes (duplicate of the same backup set) the file is found twice in the search results. You can't see any difference between the results here. Every filed shows the same data.
Now whatever result you select and go further through the restore wizard there will be no selection list for the media to use. At what's even more interesting, whatever result you chose BE always wants you to insert the same media.

The file you want to restore is in a backup set thats duplicated twice to the tapes 0001L3 and 0002L3. Now you want to restore the file and use the search option within the restore wizard. The file is found twice but you don't have a clue what to select here. If you select the first result and step through the wizard BE want's you to insert tape 0001L3. If you select the second result BE wants tape 0001L3 to. You have no way to do a restore from tape 0002L3 this way.

It would be much better to see the file only ones in the search results and then have the same media select page in the wizard as if you select the file directly.

Hope I could explain what is going on.