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BE 2012: Restore Selections of older tapes is "greyed out"

Created: 19 Jun 2012 • Updated: 20 Jun 2012 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Dear all,

I'm trying to run a restore of a fileserver's user data which was backup up to tape with BE 12.5 before.

I already inserted the tape where the data is stored into my tape library and run a "Inventory and Catalog" job.

So far so good. The tapes are recognized and the catalog jobs were sucessful. However, if I try to run my restore the needed folder is greyed out from the restore:

I can see all of its content but can't restore anything from "Workgroups"... sad

In another post someone mentioned: "...It can be a coruption with catalogs related to the tapes on the second server. Delete the catalogs for this tape on the problem server and try to re-catalog the tape and check if it helps"

My question: How can I delete the catalog information for these three tapes only without deleting all catalogs?

Best regards,

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Please  click on media tab and find the tapes in the media sets. Once you are able to located right click on the tape and "associate with media" set and move them to retired media. Delete these 3 tapes from the retired media and try to run the catalog again for these 3 tapes.

Also if you backup the same folder in 2012 are you able to see it in the restore?

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Hi Sazz,

that worked for me! smiley

The correct way within Backup Exec 2012 is:

  • Click on the "Storage" tab
  • Mark the correct tapes and click on the "Associate with media set" button
  • Chose media set "Retired Media"
  • Still on the "Storage" tab browse the media set "Retired Media" and delete the tapes there
  • This also removes the catalogs for these tapes as no restore possibility is shown anymore for the content of these tapes
  • Mark the correct tapes again and run "Inventory and Catalog" (only "Catalog" fails!)
  • Now the catalogs are re-created and I was able to restore the needed files

So thanks again!

Best regards,

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Instead of running the 'Inventory and Catalog' feature, please highlight slots 9, 10, & 11, right-click and select Inventory.  When they are done inventorying, catalog each one.

Please post the results back here.

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Nothing changed when trying your solution. What should be the difference between running both tasks in one (offered) command or in two steps?