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BE 2012 rewinding tape?

Created: 17 Sep 2012 | 3 comments

BE 2012 seems to take a long time with little data transfer when I have several small incrementals from the same server on disk, duplicated to tape. I'm assuming that it's rewinding the tape after every backup set. Can I get BE to write these (from the same job) all at once without the rewinds?

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Unfortunately no.  Betwen jobs, the tape would be re-wound and then unloaded.  This behaviour has been around since forever.

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I'm talking about multiple backup sets during a single duplication job. BE seems to pick up the backup sets done since the last duplication, but it also seems that BE may rewind between each backup set during the single job.

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Backup Exec doesn't do multiplexing which is what you're asking. You can't send data from multiple clients to 1 tape at the same time. If you had multiple tape drives in an autoloader/library, you'd be able to send multiple jobs through to the tapes (1:1 again), but not with what you want to do.

A B2D/dedupe folder does multiplexing because of the way data can be written to disk, but with tape it is sequential.


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