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BE 2012 Simplified Disaster Recovery - does it work?

Created: 07 Feb 2014 | 4 comments
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Hi folks,

I have tried a number of times to recover a remote computer via BE2012's offline (i.e. bare metal) SDR, but never got it to work.

There is no single point of failure - in every scenario (different customer sites) it stopped at a different point:

1. no trust relationship established with the temporary machine (got past that)

2. no restore selections visible for ANY backup (despite there being a number of SDR-successful backups)

3. restore selections visible, but after starting the restore job, nothing happens.

The knowledge base is not really helpful; naturally I took care to have a current BE, OS (W2K8 R2)  and recovery disk (32 or 64-bit) and successful backups.

I would just generally like to know whether anybody got it to work "out of the box"



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Hello Bert, 

I usually refer to the following for perform a restore using the SDR feature and it works fine: 

1. Best practices for Backup Exec 2012 Simplified Disaster Recovery
2. Step by step guide for Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR) with Backup Exec 2012
3. Video on Backup Exec 2012: Bare-Metal Recovery
I'm hoping that it helps! 


Siddhant Saini
Senior Technical Support Engineer, Symantec Corporation

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Have you tried using the .dr file to specify the backup set that you want to restore?

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all I want to hear is a success story!  Believe me, I've tried a lot, and yes, I know all the documentation (I am teaching BE since 2001). I want to be able to tell my students "Yes, given the right environment, it works".

SYMC employee comments are also welcome :-)



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I have successfully done SDR restores using the .dr file


BTW, what do you expect the Symantec employees to say?  That SDR does not work?