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be 2012 sp2 VMWare vmdk restore temp folder

Created: 27 Oct 2013 | 4 comments

Hi? i have a question about restore virtual machine from vmware backup

when i start restore of virtual machine to a different location (to a different path -> known servers -> my server with network share) temp data (vmdk files and something else) written to system disk on my backup exec server at directory c:\Windows\System32\be\

in settings "Configuration and settings -> Backup Exec Settings" all temp folders settings is changed to D:\temp , but this dont help

How can I redirect temp folder when restore virtual machine to a different location?


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Not sure why this would happen. Have you tried to redirect the vmdk locally on the Media Server to a folder location?

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Yep, that works. If I point restore job to use disk on backup exec media server than all virtual machine  files copied to destination without flushing temp in system32\be

Thank you

But the question is still open, maby there a some registry key that responsible for this or something else. At this moment I cant found any information about this situation

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I am pretty sure we did have an issue where the rediect restore of a VM to network path does not work even though the dialog boxes let you try it. As such unless redirecting to somewhere in the ESX environment you are limited to redirect to local disk on the media server.

I am trying to find the details as I am not sure it has been fixed.

EDIT: I can't find the details, however have just tested it and if you redirect a complete vm/vmdk restore to a network share / UNC path then it saves the restored data in

C;\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\<folder name based on the name of the share used in the UNC path>

I have started an internal e-mail thread as I am very sure we have discussed this before and that Network Share redirects can't currently be performed.

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Any updates on this?

We have the same problem. (BE 2012 SP3) Restoring vmware .vmdks to a valid network path results in the restored files being saved in C:\Windows\system32\[shareddrivename]

All temporary folders are set to another drive in BE configuration.

This really is a problem as the system drive is not laid out for holding TBs of data even temporary.

EDIT: restore is to local drive on the BE server.

Works, if network path in restore job is set to \\servername\z: (w/ not preexisting foldername).

I'll try out more scenarios and report here.