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BE 2012 Storage Solution Needed

Created: 04 Feb 2013 | 4 comments

I have 2 problems I’m hoping to resolve:
I have a Power Vault 124T that has 2 magazines and each has 8 slots. What I am trying to accomplish is partitioning the robotic library to have 2 partitions with 8 slots in each partition. For example:

Robotic Library 0001 [0001…0008]
Robotic Library 0001 [0009…0016]

The goal is to have the first backup on 0001 to itself and the second backup to 0002 and so on to the last tape 0008 for the last backup. In doing so each backup would have its own tape/slot which shows 745GB capacity.

This would be fine because each server being backed up would use 30GB on a full backup which would leave plenty of room for growth. How can I designate a backup to just use a particular mail slot?

The second problem I have not found a resolution online is that some servers allow me to back up the system state and some don’t. I have tried “Test/Edit Credentials” it fails for some servers, yet others it allows me to backup. All are Windows 2003 ENT. R2 servers with the same local administrator account.

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You should be able to achieve this by setting the backup job to overwrite "Provided that all tapes are equal//belonging to the same media set " backup exec should pull the tapes sequentially 1 - 8. Be sure to set your overwrite protection appropriately so that the protection on tape 1 has expired when B.E. comes back to write to it. 

when you say that some servers wont allow you to do system state backups are you saying that the option is not available or that the job is failing. If it is failing what is the final error code that is being thrown. 

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System state backups:
I can choose what I want to backup and the system state but when I choose to test the credentials it does not like the local admin account I have chosen, thus I will get errors when the backup is done. This is strange because other servers I can backup the system state and when I test the credentials they pass. I have eight servers to use on the first magazine and some have backed up the system state while others won't because of this.

I suspect that is the problem. In the BE 2012 storage view, I can click to view all 8 of the cartridge slots and all eight slots have:
Overwrite Protected Until: Infinite-Do not overwrite
Appendable Until: Not appendable
If so, I have not found where to change this in BE 2012. Can you direct?

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This adjustment can be made under the properties of the job itself. If you edit the job and click storage tab on the left make the adjustment under the mediaset properties. If you hit the dropdown it will display all available sets next to the drop down you have the option to create one. This will be applicable with all future jobs. you will also need to adjust the tapes that are associated with the infinite-do not overwrite media set. This can be done by associating the tapes with the scratch media set and allowing backup exec to pull and associate the tape with the set as it is writting to it. 

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@tedkilroy1 - you have two problems.  It would be better to post them as two separate discussions,  It would be easier for people to answer them.

System state - Make sure that your BESA has the following rights

Requirements for the Backup Exec Service Account (BESA).

Especially important is the right as a domain admin,  you would need this to backup the system state of a DC which contains AD

tape library - You are over-managing your tapes.  You should let the tape library and BE manage the tapes for you, instead of you managing your tapes.  See my article on this subject.

To manage your tapes, you create media set with the appropriate OPP and AP to reflect your retentiion policy.  Once this the media sets are created, use them in your jobs and the tapes will automatically be associated with the media sets and the tapes would be protected according.  You might want to read the Media Management section of the Admin Guide which can be found the BE installation directory.