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BE 2012, upgrade of Linux agents

Created: 08 Jan 2013 • Updated: 10 Jan 2013


I'm currently running BE2010 and I'm planning to upgrade to BE2012.

I'm also using two linux agents for backup Debian OS.

I have two questions regarding to the linux agent after upgrade from BE2010 to BE2012:

 1. Is there a way to check the compatibility of the new linux agents on my Debian OS before to install them? Because in both cases I haven't update these OS for a long time (and I can't do it), and I don't know if the new agent will be compatible.

 2. Is it true that after upgrade to the new BE2012 linux agent I won't be able to recover linux backups made with the linux agent of BE2010? I read it here and I just wanna confirm it.

Thank you.