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BE 2012, VM restore, SAN transport mode?

Created: 07 Aug 2013 | 9 comments

Hello, backup exec team!!!

This article redirect to VMware KB and in this KB problem resolved in VDDK 5.1 and VDDK 5.0 U2 releases.

VDDK 5.1 - Release date: 10 SEP 2012

VDDK 5.0 U2 - Release date: 20 DEC 2012

When backup exec team deigns test and enable this option? Or now best practice for backup exec team test solutions 2 years for new features or fix a propbem, as support vSphere 5.1?

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Jaydeep S's picture

I dont think this functionality has been addedbak in Backup Exec yet. I am trying to get more information about this internally and will update the post as soon as I have more information

Colin Weaver's picture

I actually asked about this in July - (so Jaydeep I have the answer)

It was discussed after we had already finalized what was going to be in SP2. However, as yet another VDDK update will be needed to be distributed within Backup Exec before the end of this year, we are currently considering re-introducing the SAN Transport restore option at the same time as we provide this newer updated VDDK.

Obviously this is still subject to testing and depending on results of tests etc is subject to change.

Guy Dawson's picture

This is functionality I'd very much like to have.

teiva-boy's picture

What's missing in BackupExec to allow SAN restores, that other backup vendors are not having issues with?  I don't think even NBU has this issue currently.  To blame VMware, seems like the Prod Mgmt team is hiding something.

There is an online portal, save yourself the long hold times. Create ticket online, then call in with ticket # in hand :-) "We backup data to restore, we don't backup data just to back it up."

Lohenthal's picture

Reintroducing the san transport mode is still planned by the end of the year ?  I think it is  a must have because if not we can not reach a good RTO and can not  use  Backup Exec in disaster recovery plans.

OK, vmware limits the trhoughput of a copy thread through the vmkernel at about 100MB/s. It's  a VMware limitation (not Symantec), even with 10Gbps NICS

But calculate  how much time  it would take to restore a workload of 13TB...

So, is the reintroduction of SAN restores still considered  by the end of the year  ?

Thanks a lot

Colin Weaver's picture

Sorry but currently we cannot confirm if this will be re-introduced even if we do release an update containing a newer vddk.

Guy Dawson's picture

We're a long time BackupExec customer but lacking SAN restore, and with no commitment to have it available it's time to look an alternatives.

Guy Dawson's picture

The Vmware technote regarding the VMware bug that allowed SAN restores to fail under some circumstances contains the VMware fix information and was last updated in May 2013.

10 months to not link with an updated library, test and release the SAN restore functionality is IMHO, poor.