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BE 2012 - VMWare Vsphere Plugin

Created: 06 Jul 2012 | 6 comments

Hi BE 2012  setup and mostly working .. but on installing the agent for Vmware plugin for vsphere

its installed on the VCS server, Vsphere client sees it and the tab is available in the client, i login (with same user credentials that BE2012 is running as)

but i get no updates at all on this tab as to the status of the Backups, even after refreshing and there has been a number of full successful backups

Selecting Unprotected machines from the view does list all the VM's on the cluster (or host or folder etc depends on where you are in the tree).

Is there something i have msised in the configuration of this other than the install of the agent on the admins machine (mine) and the VCenter server and then filling out the login to the BE server?

cheers Dan

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From the vSphere Client, you must connect to the VMware machine (vCenter or ESX host) the same way you select VMs in Backup Exec. If you use the NetBIOS name of an ESX host when selecting its VMs, then you must connect to that ESX host from the vSphere client using the same NetBIOS name. If you use the IP address or FQDN to connect in vSphere, the plug-in will not be able to associate the protected resources. See the ‘Monitoring View’ section of the User’s Guide for more detail.

Hope this will help.

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IS this plugin really compatible with BE2012 ? the technical article only mention 2012R3...

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Version 2.1 of the plugin is included on the installation DVD of BE2012 and the readme notices BE2012 as supported plaform.
So yes, but make sure to install the latested version.

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I monted the sp1a 64bits dvd iso and I don't see it 
Is it automatically installed with BE2012 ? If not where is the plugin on the dvd?

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You can download the correct version of the plug-in for BE 2012 using this document