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BE 2012 Vray License Question

Created: 13 Nov 2012 • Updated: 13 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
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I have 4x Dual CPU, 6Core ESXi Servesr in a Datacenter that I wish to backup to a dedup source. I will be buying 8 Vray licenses to cover this. Also an Enterprise Server Option as I will have multiple Media Servers. All fine with this.

At a remote site I have another Dual CPU, 6Core ESXi Server. This will host a Media Server guest with a dedup source and I will be replicating backups from the datacenter to this. I am happy with the logic and setup of this.

Question is... Do I need any BE licenses for the ESXi Server (or guest) at the remote site?

It is my understanding that each Vray license includes a Media Server license that can be installed anywhere, including a physical Server. Also remember i will not be backing up any guests on the remote ESXi Server. This is pivotal to my question. I believe that if I do backup guests on the remote system then I will need vray licenses for it.

Many Thanks


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If you have access to the Aug2012 version of partner BE licensing guide, according to page 23, under V-Ray Scenario 4, you do not have to buy an extra BE server license for the remote site, but only if it is in a remote site. If you want to also do backups at the remote site, then you will have to but the agent/app licenses.

Generally, whether you install a BE server as a guest VM or on a physical host, it still costs a BE server license. But in your case (according to the V-Ray Scenario 4) you don't have to buy one.

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Thanks for the reply. I am a little confused by it though.

First, the Vray licenses are per CPU so I need 8 licenses to cover my 4 dual CPU ESXI Servers.

Second, where are you saying I have used 4 out of the 8 BE Server + dedup licenses? I only plan on having one BE Server at the DC on a physical box and the other one at the remote site.

Apologies if my post was not clear. I certainly didnt state the number of BE Servers, sorry.

Give this could you please confirm or clarify your answer? Much appreciated.



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Sorry, I edited my post. Your 8x Vray TierA license is correct for 4 dual cpu esx.

I only plan on having one BE Server at the DC on a physical box and the other one at the remote site.

According to the licensing guide, you are covered. You do not need to buy an extra BE server+dedup license for the remote site, unless you intend to use it as more than just a replication target.

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Thanks very much. That has answered my questions.