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BE 9.1 and IDR

Created: 17 Jan 2005 • Updated: 25 May 2010 | 7 comments

IDR is driving me mad!!!!!

We are trying to set up a system with a central backup server backing up remote servers using BE 9.1. This all works fine and we can even make bootabke IDR images that waill start the Recovery process off and will even "run" a restore job on the media server, however NO restore happens, after about 14 minutes the job times out and it will attempt to move onto the next job (drive) but the same happens. I have noticed that IDR will set the time and date on the "recovering" machine far into the future (at least 2 months), could this have something to do with it?

Any help suggestions or happy stories regarding IDR would be gratfully received!!

Thanks in advance

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Is there any particular error message ?

In brief, can you please elborate the steps followed.

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We get as far as the machine being "recovered" starting the job on the remote media server but NO DATA is restored, after approx 14 minutes the job will time out with an unable to attach to drive message. I presume this means the media (remote) server can't open a TCP connection to the machine being restored. This happens for each drive letter (asn system state) in turn. Just to save anyone the bother we have NOT changed any port numbers. it would appear that the client can connect to the server but the server can't connect to the client?

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We presume that you are carrying out remote IDR. If this is the case, kindly refer the following information and let us know the outcome of the same.

A]Please go through the following:
Disaster recovery can be performed on a remote computer attached to the media server. This procedure will restore the remote computer's operating system to its pre-disaster state and will restore all data files, except those protected by one of the Backup Exec agents. If any of the data on the remote server is protected by Backup Exec database agents, read "Additional Backup Exec Options" in the Backup Exec Administrator's Guide.
The following items are needed:
A current full backup of the computer to be recovered and any subsequent incremental/differential backups The Windows 2000 or 2003 installation media
Note: Always log on to Windows using the administrator account or its equivalent during this procedure.
To recover a remote Windows 2000 or 2003 computer:

At the remote computer:

1. Install Windows.
This basic Windows installation is necessary to provide Backup Exec with a target to which it can restore the system. The computer name, Windows directory and the file system (NTFS) must be the same as the previous Windows installation. This basic installation will later be overwritten by the backed up version, which will restore the system configuration, application settings, and security settings.
If the machine is being recovered from hard disk failure, use Windows setup to partition and format the new disk during installation. Format the partitions with the same file system as before the failure.
Do not join a domain, leave the computer in a work group.
Do not install Active Directory.

At the media server:

2. Install the Backup Exec Remote Agent to the remote computer (see "Installing the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Servers" in the Backup Exec Administrator's Guide).

3. Start Backup Exec for Windows Servers.

4. From the Backup Selections tab, locate the remote computer that is being restored and its administrative shares.
Double-click an administrative share and enter the user credentials.
Example: \Administrator
This allows the system to authenticate the credentials, and creates a connection between the local and remote computers.

5. From the Devices tab, inventory the media containing the latest full backup of the computer to be recovered.

6. Catalog the media containing the latest full backup of the computer to be recovered. If the subsequent differential/incremental backups are on separate media, catalog those also.

7. From the Restore Selections tab, select all sets from the full and incremental backups that contain logical drives on the hard disk. If differential backup sets are to be restored, select only the last differential set. Make sure to include System State as part of the restore selections.

8. Click Restore on the toolbar.

9. From the General tab, select the following options:
Restore security
Preserve tree

10. From the Advanced tab, select "Restore over existing files".

11. From the Windows 2000 tab, select the appropriate options.

12. Click Run Now to start the restore, unless the following condition exists:
If the computer being restored is the only domain controller in the domain or if the entire domain is being rebuilt and this is the first domain controller, then perform the following steps:
a. From the Windows 2000 tab, select "When restoring SYSVOL in System State, mark this domain controller as the primary arbitrator for replication".
b. Click Run Now to start the restore.
c. Reboot the remote computer.

The computer's operating system is now restored to its pre-disaster state. All data files have been restored, except those protected by Backup Exec database agents.

Ensure that the remote agent is running under Local System Account.
This error may occur if the Backup Exec logon account does not have the following rights:
-Domain Admin
-Act as part of the operating system
-Create a token object
-Log on as a service
-Allow to log on locally
Grant the Backup Exec Logon Account the appropriate rights.
-Add the hostname and Ip address of the remote server in the HOSTS file of the media server and vice versa.
-Try removing the account from Backup Operators Group.
You may like to refer the following:
As an additional information, you may refer to the following technote as well.

Kindly refer the following Technote for step by step IDR restore process

During Restore process select Install Networking and restore from a remote Media Server and then manually install the Network Drivers

Title:- How to initiate a manual restore when performing remote Intelligent Disaster Recovery in VERITAS Backup Exec (tm) 9.x for Windows Server

Kindly refer the following technote regarding credentials
( Refer to the related documents mentioned in the above technote and refer to TechNote ID: 263176 )

We hope this helps.

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Kindly let me know if the issue persists.

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Many thanks for your reply to my question. We had thought that the (slightly) long-winded way round you describe we could use as a fall back in the event of not being able to use IDR to recover a protecetd machine. Does this mean that it is not possible to use IDR to protect a machine that is currently (and would be rebuil as) a machine remote to the media server?

Or to put it another way does a machine being recovered require access to a local media source in order to permit IDR to work?

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Hello Barry,

It is possible to recover a remote server using IDR. However, the machine recovered requires access to the Media server in order to restore the data which was backed up by Backup Exec.

As you're getting Unable to Attach error during the restore, I would suggest you to add the IP address and host name fo the remote system being recovered in hosts file of the Media server and then re-run the restore job.

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Hope your issue is resolved.Kindly update if not.