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BE Agent licensing for Exchange Migration

Created: 09 Feb 2012 | 1 comment


I am planning to migrate from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010. I want to be able to back up both Exchange servers during the migration process, but am hoping that I don't have to buy another Exchange Agent just for this. I will only have multiple Exchange servers up for a short period of time. My final goal will be to decommission teh Exchange 2003 server and have my valid Exchange agent reside on my new Exchange 2010 box.

Is there some sort of 'migration license' or some similar allowance that will get me through my migration process without additional cost? What options do I have in this area? I want to make sure that I am doing things properly.

Thank you very much.

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You will have to take backup of the Exchange servers one at a time and disable the Remote Agent 

on the other server. Remote Agent license are not linked with any servers, so during backup

if you disable remote agent on either of the server BE will think there is only 1 Exchange server

in the environment.