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BE Job Failed

Created: 05 Oct 2012 | 1 comment

I have a backup job that failed with the error of physical volume library drive or robot paused, offline, or disabled. What does this mean and how could it have happened?

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What is the status of tape library? Can your backup server access the library?

You can confirm the same from Device Manager. If detected and properly configured to work with BE, Robot must be listed as Unknown Medium Changer i.e must use Windows driver. Tape drives must use Symantec drivers. If everything is proper in Device manager, remove the library from BE and reconfigure it again and see if that helps.

If not detected, check the physical connectivity between library and media server. Incase of using any FC Switch, make sure zoning is properly configured.

Both media server and library can be power cycled in the following order to overcome any other access issues.

1) Shut down the media server.

2) Shut down the library.

3) Power up the library and wait till it completes the intialization and comes into ready state.

4) Power on the backup server.