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BE: SDR Disk won't boot in EFI mode

Created: 11 Jun 2013 • Updated: 12 Jun 2013 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi there smiley,

I made some progress into restoring an AD with a Simplified Disaster Recovery solution. But right now I'm stuck with a weird issue.

The test was made on a fake AD, with a fake domain, on a Windows server 2008 R2.

Here are my steps so far :

  1. I downloaded the 64bit SDR iso from
  2. I made a full backup of my AD on a physical Dell server (including EFI Partition, System state, C: drive and drivers)
  3. Next, I created a SDR .iso from the original ISO. and the information file (.DR ) of my Dell server.
  4. It went good, and I burned the iso to a disk
  5. I've messed up the AD and the C: drive (to clearly see if recovery works)

And now, I try to boot on the disk with EFI boot mode,but it won't work, hence this error :

Boot failed

Please ensure compatible bootable media is available.

Use the system setup program to change de boot mode as needed.

Strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for the system setup, F11 for boot manager.

BUT, if I try to boot on the disk, with the BIOS boot mode, the Backup Exec SDR Manager boot correctly, I can proceed until I get the following error :

firmware types do not match
for the restore operation to continue the backup firmware type and the current firmware type must match
I tryed with the Lifecycle controller too, but it won't boot on the SDR manager disk too.
Thank you very much for reading this, and for any help or suggestion.
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Alex-NeoIT's picture

It seems this problem could be the following :

But, I have only 2 or 3 partitions, so maybe it's not ...

VJware's picture

The second error is expected since you cannot restore from EFI to BIOS

Have you confirmed the target system supports EFI ?

Alex-NeoIT's picture

Thanks for the answer,

I knew for the second error but I tryed in the case it would work.

But, it's interesting, how can I check if the target system support EFI ?

I mean, it's a Dell Server and I already installed few times W2k8 R2 on it through the UEFI mode,then I guess so ?

pkh's picture

To restore a system using UEFI, you must create the UEFI partition first. Although this document is for IDR, I think it is relevant to SDR.

Alex-NeoIT's picture

Ok, thank you.

If have backed up the EFI Partition, on my Windows server. I see in the saves of my server an EFI partition, System State, C:\ drive and a bunch of drivers (F:)

so Where do I have to create it if it's not on the backed up server?

EDIT : Nevermind, I found what you talked about in the links in the url you sent me.

Alex-NeoIT's picture

Do you think it wouldn't boot even if my partitions isn't created ? If it was about being stuck after UEFI boot succedeed, during the retrieve of the saves from BE, I would understand, but I don't get why it's even don't launch the disk from optical drive.

I mean I'm not sure about it and maybe you're right, but I'm wondering why it should have downright a boot failure.

Alex-NeoIT's picture

Hi there again,I succedeed to launch the restoration !

I didn't create any partitions on the Server, here is my steps :

  1. I created the SDR Disk
  2. Unpacked the .iso and edited the BOOT.WIM thanks to Dism tool, following this tutorial :
  3. Then I recreated the .iso with the software BurnAware
  4. And to finish, I burned it on a USB key with ISO to USB software, in FAT32 file format, as a boot device.

After this, I was able to boot in UEFI mode on the key, and follow the SDR without any errors !

Thanks for the help.I hope it will be useful to somebody someday !