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BE Using 0 bytes on tape

Created: 17 Jul 2012 • Updated: 17 Jul 2012 | 5 comments

So i'm running into the issue of Backup Exec using extra tapes during the backup process (or possibly displaying the wrong data). I run into the issue of when my backups go to write to tape, I lose at least 3 373GB tapes per week. Backup Exec claims them as daily/weekly tapes, but writes no data to them.

When I go into properties, it says it's written 0 bytes to the tape.

Has anyone else run into this issue? It's quite a nuisance to lose almost a TB a week of potential tape storage for no reason.

We're using

BackupExec 2012

LTO3 Tapes

DR4000 tape drive

Below is an image of the detail section on the tape.

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In the Storage tab, when you click on this tape, does it have any backup sets and do the backup sets have any data?  If yes to both, then go to the BE installation directory and use BEUtility to repair the BEDB.

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Yeah, the tapes do have backup sets as well as showing the data they have on them, but they obviously have no data. I'll try and run the BEUitility and see if that fixes things.

I'll let you know what happens,



Also, Can I safely scratch media the tapes? So I can at least recover some of my lost space.

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If you are sure that there is no data on the tapes or if you don't need the data from the tapes

then you may move the tapes to scratch media set which will make the tapes overwritable.

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Well, based on the picture I posted, it shows that there isn't any data. It seems to me it's just claiming the tapes and putting them back into the library.

That is, unless BE is actually writing to the tapes, but not displaying the correct value.

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  Can you go to the media set and restore the data from this tape. If backups running correctly you will see the data's or you can't.  Also check the media label.

Check all those things and post your result....

- vicky

- Vicky