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BE2010 missing notes .nsf files

Created: 29 Jan 2013 • Updated: 31 Jan 2013 | 7 comments
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Hello ,

Up until a week ago we had a working backup with BE2010 and a Domino notes database (mainly mail databases) ALL on the same server , this setup have been running for about 3 years now.

The backup jobs still runs and happily reports a successfull backup , but looking closer reveals hardly any of the .nsf files have been backed?

When trying to setup a new job for testing purposes it can only enumerate a fraction  of the databasefiles in the folder. This makes me suscpect that BE cannot verify the majority of the databases and therefore skips them. This is why it says it has backed them up sucssefully , BE does not see or consider the ones it does not finds/verifys

At this point the only thing we have tried is to restart the BE services , have not looked at all on domino server or the domino services. The whole server was restarted 3 days before this started and had 3 complete backups after that event.

Any ideas ? BE or Domino issue  :)

(Also , know this is a bad setup , we now have a new Exchange server running and ready to migrate the mail , also  new BE licenses incoming for a new backup solution )



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Have you looked at creating a new selection list and stand-alone job to test whether or not the original selection list isn't perhaps corrupted?

If not, then do so and check.


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Hi CraigV ,

Yes , the attached picture just show such attempt with a new job and drilling down the selection list.


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mmm...if the Lotus Notes agent is installed, remove it and re-add it...I've seen this personally sort out Exchange issues with that particular license.


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Are all of the 'missing' nsf files still associated as active data within Domino as I believe BE interogates Domino and compares what Domino tells be with what is found in the file system  and then only backs up what shows in both places.

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Hello Colin ,

One reason for moving mail from domino is lack of internal knowledge of domino , I have started a dialog with the consultant and will bring that issue up. After reading your post I did look closer into the very few mail databases BE could find and it looks like most (not all) of thoose are newly created , hm intresting

Will post back when the domino consultant have had a look  , thx for helping out.

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As you rightly got it, BE verifies the database to check if it's a valid Domino database. The ones getting skipped may be bad. Are you able to open them with Notes? If yes, stop the remote agent, delete .ucj files present in "logs" folder under BE installtion folder, and then start the remote agent.

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Hello Gupta ,

Thanks answering.

We did remove the .ucj files. After restaring the BE2010 services created a new job and selection of notes databases. When doing so up comes a warning that a the process of scanning the domino server could take an hour or longer.

After a while a message comes up " An error was encountered while attempting to browse the content of databases on SERVERNAME The Lotus Domino server timed out during an operation. Restart the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows System service."

So we did found a thread changing a registry key

For Windows\Backup Exec\Engine\Domino\Wait Before Timeout to from 2710 - > 20000

And finally we now have the databases back in BE2010

Thanks all for helping out!

BR /Bbrjes767