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BE2010R3 B2D Backup wont overwrite IMG folders

Created: 19 Jul 2012 | 12 comments


I have 3 backup jobs that run the same night.

Job 1 - Is my exchange and data backup. (Overwrite Media)

Job 2 - Is my Non-SQL HyperV machines backup. (Append, terminate if no appendable media avail)

Job 3 - Is my SQL HyperV Machines backup (Append, terminate if no appendable media avail)

I am using 500GB RDX cartridges, and backup approx 450GB nightly.

My 3 jobs creates 7 IMG folders per night.

However the following week when that days cartridge is used it just adds more IMG folders rather than overwriting them. Making the disk full and the backup just sits waiting for media.

So every week i am having to manually go in and delete the previous weeks backup before the following week can run!


Last nights cartridge now contains:

IMG0000386 -> IMG0000392 dated the 11th July

IMG0000414 -> IMG0000420 dated the 18th July

Some options that are selected:

Tools - Options - Job Defaults - M.O.P - Overwrite

Tools - Options - Settings - Media Management - M.O.P.L - Partial

Tools - Options - Settings - Media Management - M.O.O - Overwrite recycable media

Media Set:


Overwrite - 18 hours

Append - Infinate - Allow Append

B2D properties:

Max size for B2D files: 500GB

Allocate Max size for B2D files: Disabled

Max backuo sets per B2D: 1

What can i do change to get these pesky IMG folders overwritten each time that cartridge is used please?


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Colin Weaver's picture

You should not use append jobs for disk based jobs, and in the past we have seen issues with IMG folders not being reclaimed if the job itself does not start as an Overwrite.

Andrew` Thompson's picture

Job 1 starts as overwrite and runs first so should that not remove the IMG folders?

If i dont use Append then all i am going to be left with at the end of each night is Job 3 as that will overwrite Job 2, which will inturn overwrite Job 1?

Kiran Bandi's picture

If i dont use Append then all i am going to be left with at the end of each night is Job 3 as that will overwrite Job 2, which will inturn overwrite Job 1?

Instead of asking job2 and 3 to append, you can increase the Overwrite Protection Period of the media set.

Colin Weaver's picture

The first overwrite job will only remove an IMG folder if that same job would actually create an IMG folder (so be using GRT) and it is a 1 for 1 ratio (i.e. 1 create = 1 delete) although this ratio can be adjusted by registry change.

The append job might not remove a folder at all. Hence the chances are you are always creating more folders than you are deleting.

The overwrite at start setting applies to each BKF and IMG independently, not specifically to the whole disk, as such and as Kiran has already stated if your overwrite protection is correct (long enough but not too long and server not configured for no media protection) then the later jobs will not overwrite the earlier ones from the same day.

BTW BE2012 will not let you append to disk media, although does have a known issue on removing IMG folders from RDX (which may or may not also affect 2010) as such although we are giving advice it is possible you might be seeing an earlier version of the 2012 problem

Andrew` Thompson's picture


Job 1 - Starts at 9am

Job 2 - Starts at 1.30am

Job 3 - Starts at 6am

Its currently set to 18 hour overwrite protection - will this suffice to achieve your suggestions above?

Kiran Bandi's picture

Job 1 - 9am/pm?

If it is 9 AM then the third job will overwrite the first... As you are using an RDX drive that used today only after a week, you can set it to 6 days. If you do not want to set that long, then make it a day or two atleast.

Andrew` Thompson's picture

apolgies 9pm! :-)

So i need to change the overwrite protection time and also set Job 2 and 3 to overwrite and not append.

I will make these changes and see what happens on tonight cartridge.


TheMykeyReturns's picture

The only way we have managed to get the backup to run successfully is to add a batch file that deleted IMG folders as a pre Command.

We have had several techs connect through and try to sort this issue but each time with no success,

I know this is a bit of a heavy handed way of doing it and most probably an unacceptable method of backing up to most people but so far its the only way we can get this backup running reliably

Colin Weaver's picture

Just for completness here is details of the known 2012 issue

I know the OP has 2010, if MykeyReturns is on 2012 then please subscribe to that document.

Anyone on 2010 R3 that sees IMG folders not deleted when the jobs do all start as overwrites and the overwrite protection appears to be correct  should log a support case and possibly mention the known 2012 issue to the technician

Andrew` Thompson's picture

ok so i have set job 2 and 3 to also overwrite.

Outcome - still exactly the same - it just appends the IMG folders rather than remove the previous weeks!

Anything else i can try please?

muxonarization's picture

i have a dozen sbs machines with be2010r3, a RDX drive and exactly the same issue.

Not using append jobs though.

This document sums it up pretty good:

I also have tons of IMG folders in the wrong mediaset, like the techdocument describes.

There's also a hotfix for this issue, but it's only for versions 2010 and 12.5, not for 2010R3.

So it might be that the hotfix is already included and the only thing neccessary is a scheduled inventory job right before the backups. I'm trying that out, but i'm not able to post results before next week, as the media cycles on monday.

Andrew` Thompson's picture

Sounds familiar Muxonarization!!!!!

Although yours is slightly different to mine in the fact that the only IMG folders that ever show up in the media set are from the last days backup!

Everything else in the media set is B2Dxxxxxx files (which BE manages to overwrite just fine!!!!!)

Damn software!