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BE2010R3: File Exception during backup (dcdbas64.sys)

Created: 30 Apr 2013 | 1 comment
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Hi all.  Or should I say, Brian81, Rafeeq, and a couple others who seem to watch these forums like hawks! :)

(PS:  I need to go back and review some previous threads and give some credit where it's due, jus thaven' thad time, and new issues keep popping up, but I will get to it).

Ok for this issue.  Daily full backup job keeps giving the same file exception.  This is a full backup, of the physical host in a Hyper-V setup. 

Here's the exception from the job log:

Backup- System?State
VSS Snapshot warning. File c:\windows\system32\drivers\dcdbas64.sys is not present on the snapshot.

I did some searching for that file on Connect here, and it seems it's some kind of Dell Perc controller driver - I think so anyway although this isn't 100%.  The answer to get the backup to stop complaining that the file is missing that I found was to create a dummy file of the same name and put it in that folder.  So I created a text file, renamed it, typed a few lines to make sure it took up space and still the backup says the file is missing. 

Has anybody else run into this? 

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There is a public Technote to fix this issue. Hope it helps.

These files are part of the Dell OpenManage™ Server Administrator.  This issue has been noted when the file version is 5.7:0.4821 (both files).

To resolve this issue, please use either of the following.

1. Download and install the latest drivers from Dell.

2. Copy an earlier version of the dcdbase driver (earlier than 5.7) from another server with the same operating system and patch level to the path specified in the exception.