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BE2010R3 - Nirvanix - Client Side Deduplication

Created: 28 Apr 2011 • Updated: 28 Apr 2011 | 2 comments

Hello all!

I am in need of some clarifications, since I am so confused now!

First of all, here's what I am trying to accomplish. We have a remote site which needs a daily backup, possibly with no tapes involved, since there are no operators there.

Few days ago I upgraded to R3 and also found out the Symantec teamed up with Nirvanix and released the Nirvanix plugin for BE.

This  would be the perfect solution!

Now, here is the dilemma.

From the plugin documentation (, I read:

"When the Nirvanix device is selected, the option Use client-side deduplication is selected and required to run the job. However, the deduplication will not be performed by Backup Exec. The Use client-side deduplication option simply enables a remote computers to send data directly to the Nirvanix device."

To me, this sounds like: "When using Nirvanix device, the backup exec remote agent sends data direclty to Nirvanix (bypassing the media server) with NO DEDUP whatsoever.

However, from the administration guide for R3, page 1610, I read:

"Client-side deduplication enables a remote computer that is configured as a RemoteAgent for deduplication to send data directly to an OpenStorage device or adeduplication storage folder. By using client-side deduplication, the media serveris bypassed, which leaves the media server free to perform other operations. If your deduplication device supports client-side deduplication, a remote computer deduplicates data and then sends only the unique data directly to a deduplication storage folder or an OpenStorage device."

To me, this sounds like:" Client side deduplication enables the remote agent to dedupe the data and THEN send it to the Open Storage device."

Before you ask, yes, I have the Dedup Option. However, it is not a requirement anymore in R3.

Now, what is the truth? Is anybody out there using Nirvanix and BE?

Thank you all,


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teiva-boy's picture

The OST plug-in creates a storage device in BE.

The client with client-side dedupe allows a client to write directly to the OST device.

Thus, the client is writing to the BE server, in turn the plug-in is replicating that to Nirvanix.  So it will get staged on the media server as the biggest bottleneck is WAN upload speeds.

There is an online portal, save yourself the long hold times. Create ticket online, then call in with ticket # in hand :-) "We backup data to restore, we don't backup data just to back it up."

Audiolomb's picture

I tend to disagree on what Teiva-boy says. Client side dedupe allows to write directly on the OpenStorage device, bypassing the media server.

I don't think anything gets staged on the media server.

In addition (sorry if I am harsh), his post doesn't give me any answer no added value on what I already know or the documentation says.